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One of those smiley days

You know one of those days
when you just burst with chest wide smile!
One of those days, when you find secret streams,
and giant tractor tyres.
A day for small things that pull at the heart,
and flutter at your feet.
Where buzzing insects rattled the canal-side flowers,
and narrow boats trundle by,
where streaky clouds looked like watercolours..
...and the sun shone and a warm breeze ruffled the grass.
A day where we found a random water-trough full of stranded frogs,
which prompted Eldest to create an escape route,
while watched over by an observant Moss.
A day that had twinkly reflections on the underside of canal bridges,

and tall grass waft and wave as we walked along.

A day that made a silly dog sillier,
 A day that ended with the most glorious sunset,
a heart filling, eye-feasting
Oh be still my beating heart - I don't want this day to end!


  1. Fabulous!! Miss Moss is having a wonderful time, lucky girl. When we lived near Birmingham we spent many a happy hour walking the canals there looking at Birmingham from secret places.

  2. Lovely walk, beautiful pictures and one happy, smiley dog! Nice post. xx

  3. Thank you so much for taking us on a lovely walk. I do like strolling along beside a canal, which I've not done for 2 years, and seeing Miss Moss having so much fun. Well done to Eldest, giving the tadpoles an escape route. Have a good week and take care.

  4. I love walking too. When I go out with my friend and her young sprocker it adds an extra dimension of fun to the whole outing.

  5. These are the things that we need in our lives during the troubling times. That jumping dog made me smile ear to ear! Thank you!

  6. Beautiful! Especially the wonderful skies!

  7. Amazing to see the change in Miss Moss in such a short time, certainly a lovely day out for ALL the family :-)

  8. Just so lovely, reading your post is a real pick me up!

  9. Glorious! Glorious photographs! I have enjoyed my virtual walk thank you and I can feel your smile. Plenty of quality time like this is just what what I need!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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