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In which there will be cake and biscuits, cats and dogs.

On a nippy clear blue-sky autumnal day,
what is a running, laughing, happy dog to do? ...
Where lanes are cool and muddy 
and the air fresh and crisp...
You go for a swim of course.
In icy cool spring water, 
where you can lie chin deep,
your tail floats
and your paws go numb with cold.
Then, having reached this happy state of partially frozen,
you get out, shake your fur
and start all over again!
I, on the other hand as a human,
plan a quick baking session,
a flick around with the vacuum,
A filling of the kettle
 and serving biscuits and cakes,
and why should I be doing that?
Well, after a long break - a far too long-a-break,
our knit and natter group
will be getting together and
we're going to be a-knitting,
and of course
And there will be a rather special show and tell -
two beautiful
Attic24 blankets.
They will be whirled,
they will be twirled,
they will be much admired.
Sssshh another chrimbly pressie will be knitted..
Blankets for rescue cats and kittens will be crocheted,
The cast on row for winter dog-walking-mitts will grow.
Casting off of the rescued and unfinished lace knitted scarf  scarf will happen,
another rescue cat blanket will sit on a knee 
knowing that each cat rescued will be given a blanket,
and when rehomed,
the blanket goes too-
what a lovely thought xx 
 A beautifully crocheted on the diagonal
new baby blanket will get that little bigger...
in such happy colours. 
 The starting of hand stitching of festive tree trimming,
a bunting of holly leaves and berries.
There will be the most delicious shades of blue, 
no not just the crocheted and knitted head band,
but also the hair and nails.
And a finally, there will be a last look
at two yummy stripey crochet blankety goodness!
There will be cake and biscuits to eat,
tea and coffee to drink.
Yes, I think our knit and natter afternoon
is going to be a good one :)

And the dog?
well, she and the cat 
will decide that they would really 
like to be a part of the afternoon.
I am pretty sure they will be involved.


  1. It's all too beautiful! the colours and more importantly the wee blankets for the rescue cats. When I took our little Gus home from the shelter I had to ask them if I could take something from his pen that smelled familiar...they gave me a toilet seat cover that was his blanket!! I like the blanket idea much better! Looks like a great afternoon.

  2. It was a lovely afternoon, a gathering of friends that has been long missed. Yes, the cat and dog did their bit to entertain the knit and knatterers, well one cat, the other was sleeping upstairs away from all the human invaders of her space. Toilet seat covers for kitty blankets, now there is an idea I won't be copying!!xx

    PS the new biscuits were delicious. I think the recipe needs sharing further.

  3. A perfect way to spend an afternoon. X

  4. Now that's how I remember the afternoon! Great biscuits but you were sneaky with your camera, catching us unawares as we worked hard on our little projects!

  5. What a lot of activity, great to see you back in the creative groove. Your Samhain was busier than ours, not a single visitor

  6. What a great afternoon, knitting & chatting with some gorgeous work coming out of it. Those crochet rugs, sort of look familiar. I've one on the go from Attic 4 in the cupcake colourway. What were you working on? Wish I could be there. Take care.

  7. Happy crafting! The blankets are fabulous aren't they!

  8. Lovely to see Miss Moss looking so happy and relaxed. Are my eyes deceiving me or is she filling out a bit?

    We met a gorgeous 4 y/old b&w collie at Kielder, only been with her new parents for 3 months and settling very well. She borrowed one of Daisy's spare fleece coats for the weekend . . . nothing known about her history but suspicion was that she too was a failed farm dog.

  9. what a lovely idea, knitting and creating comfort blankets xxx


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