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End of the week wafflings

This week, in a quietly-busy-sort-of-way, has just flown by. I have either been gardening, painting, knitting, painting, gardening, knitting, painting and gardening. Other things have occurred, such as sleeping, eating, cooking and knitting, gardening and painting.
On Wednesday I think I managed to fit all activities in one day!
Eldest and I were almost overwhelmed by weeds working in the walled garden for the day,
so for a bit of light relief  away from the weeds, Eldest rediscovered mowed foot paths
 through the wilderness sensory garden.
I chose to empty a compost bin in preference to hoeing the vigorous little blighters 
growing rampantly between the vegetables.
I was pleasantly surprised and definitely pleased 
that the compost was turning into a rather delicious chocolately brown crumbly cake, 
it didn't seem so long ago that we built them :)
We did punctuate garden bashing with tea drinking
and, surprise surprise,
knitting...(Well, I was knitting, Eldest and Moss did not!)
See that glorious green flush?
Despite my anti-weeds mutterings, it was fun, 
we had a National Trust ranger and another volunteer with us for most of the day 
so the banter and chuckles kept us going!

Did I mention painting?
After a number of commissions (still have some waiting)
I decided to treat myself and paint something I wanted...
a hare of course :)


  1. Lots of lovely things in this post! The garden is big and looks so nice and green. The paint project looks like a fun project. The knitting has pretty colors and the yarn looks soft and gentle. Drinking tea makes life a lot more enjoyable. I learned to drink tea with lots of milk when we lived in Zimbabwe for a few years. Hope Summer continues to be lovely for you!

    1. We're from Zimbabwe and yes, every one drank milky tea, usually fairly strong so there was flavour but milky to make it cool enough to drink in the heat of the day!

  2. I love the picture of you knitting, such a relaxing image.

    There is something so wonderful about hares, I don't see them often but I am so excited whenever I do, so unexpected and just delightful.

    1. There is something so very magical about hares

  3. Lovely Kate & the garden looks good, even with the weeds. Of course the background scenery does it for me too & the working (greenhouse/compost bins) area is a must for any good garden(wishing). Hope the pattern for the scarf instructions are coming along as you are working on it. Pretty colours. Another friend from Zimbabwe, amazing!! Have a good weekend & take care. BTW, love the hare, but do you do owls or donkeys?

    1. Hi Susan, thanks :) No I haven't done either ..... methinks that I shall have to rectify that! Will keep you posted :)

    2. Just been to select some slate for a donkey when I realised I have done owls and owl feathers - 'owl' could I forget!

  4. We had a funny experience whilst away recently, there as a quacking noise in the bushes and a bunny popped out..... DH and i both looked at each other and thought .. Rabbit = quack errr no! Then out came mamma duck with her 5 babies. Nature is so precious.

  5. Mowed paths make even the 'wildest' garden look loved and cared for. We recently turned our compost and were surprised how well it was decomposing. Must have had the right weather for it this year. Loving the hare and Julie's comment about the quacking rabbit!!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. What a beautiful garden! Your knitting looks great, such nice colors. And the hare, woow, fantastic! You're very talented :-). Have a wonderful week! Nata xxx


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