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Friday's ramblings

It is a bit fresh this morning. My toes are cold despite a bit of sock wearing activity going on, but that is normal for me. It is a beautiful day. The sky is so clear and blue -  a brittle autumnal blue.

Time recently has seemed to have been so full that suddenly it is a week and all those posts, those snippets, those photographs that I planned to chat about or share are now almost redundant. The story lost or faded, superseded by others.

I am loving my space in the studio (still practising saying that), the light and the freedom to spread out, leave paintings to dry, to experiment with colours, to listen to music or the silence, the ability to watch birds and the occasional squirrel pop down to the bird feeder - all such an amazing joy and pleasure.

The dog spends as much time there as I, she has her own 'space' where she sleeps. Sometimes she follows the patch of sun and she has already learnt where a secret stash of her dog biscuits are kept. The cats visit less often, however, they too seem to enjoy popping in and snacking on the essential bowl of cat munchies kept for such occasions.

Already today - I had visitors pop in before 9am, friends who come to see what is happening, then stay for a chat.
Now, best stop waffling, I want to get on with my day :) 
It's been lovely chatting with you. 
So - how've you been? 
Had a good week? Hope so.  
And plans for the weekend? Anything interesting happening?

We've got a birthday afternoon tea planned for Sunday afternoon -
here's to a sunny day!


  1. Seems that our weeks are full too & I've also thought about posting this week, but run out of time. Maybe over the weekend before we pop away to mind 2 of our grandchildren for part of the school holidays. Must get ready for the Hunt as well. Weekend will be mowing lawns & hubby's hair (giggle) & maybe a bit of sewing on Sunday as we are going back to some cooler, wet weather. Today was glorious & it should be warm, though windy tomorrow. You have a lovely weekend & enjoy whoever's birthday. Take care.

  2. How fantastic to have a lovely space to yourself.

    This month has gone so quickly, yet I have nothing at all to show for it. This weekend I am Auntying at a birthday party then all next week will be getting the house ready for visitors, the upside of that is washing all my quilts and seeing them together as they dry. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Love your studio, so peaceful sitting there with you, watching the birds and squirrel. It sits so well in your garden, looks as though it has been there forever. Look forward to the birthday tea. ����

  4. So envious of your studio! Bet you are so glad you decided to get one and say goodbye to part of the potager. My weekend? Yarndale tomorrow and no doubt crazy aunt on Sunday.....

  5. I'm liking the sound of your studio! x

  6. Your studio is lovely - enjoy every minute of it:) My weeks seem to fly by at the minute - I've started loads of posts in the past couple of months that are out of date before I get around to publishing - as a result I'm posting nothing! Enjoy your weekend and the tea party :)


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