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Tuesday's chatter

Thank you everyone who was so kind and didn't laugh at my 'oops-a-daisy' moment - it was also interesting how many of you have had a similar idiotic mishap or knew folk who'd also suffered a balance malfunction. It makes us all human! My bruises are changing colour now, they have evolved from the initial bright blue to shades of autumnal yellows and purple  :)

Talking of autumn, today there is definitely a nip of frost in the air, the top of the glasshouse twinkled in tiny frosty crystals.

I am in two minds about autumn.

I am not a cool/cold weather person although I have over the years learnt first to live through it, then accept it and now, strangely anticipate winter.

I did wonder if, in particular this year, because summer has not been particularly brilliant, the slide in to autumn was a gentle one of resignation rather than a crashing out of warm days into cooler ones. This morning's frosty start is a definite reminder that the seasons are turning.

I will be off to my studio shortly - I am loving having a space that is mine to create and 'be'. 
I have started meditating seriously recently too - it certainly helps with the mindset. Before I had the studio I would sit silently in the house....  until the cats found me, or the dog would wonder what I was doing or phone rang or the washing machine trundled to a halt, the distractions were just that ... distracting.

But now, in the studio in my garden,
I can quietly empty my chit-chattery head
and then start the day!

Right, before even that can happen, I shall put on the kettle.

Have yourselves a lovely day xxxx


  1. I couldnt do without my daily shedudio visit. Some days like today I dont draw or paint but just sip water and watch the birds in the garden. Then later I hit the wine! Chilled out and win(e)ding down.

  2. Glad the mishap wounds are fading. I so miss having a proper studio, even though mine was attached to the house, it was all 'mine' & I could shut the door & not be disturbed. Here, Bubs is in the middle of the house, where it is dark & connected to the kitchen & part of the family area & also open to the lounge/dining area. It just doesn't work for me, though I do have a little sewing room, which is actually one of the spare bedrooms, light & sunny, but not the same as a 'studio'. Spring is trying to come here, but keeps stalling due to cold fronts blowing in from the south with extra cold winds. Oh, I'm moaning, best get on with the day. Enjoy your studio & take care.

  3. A expanse of water and the sound of the seagulls and waves, that does it for me, instant relaxation when I close my eyes and listen to that sound.


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