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Have you 'felt' the magic recently?

what do you when you have 100 and 1 things to do?
Do you start on your list....?
Do you finish what you have left half done
 on the dining-room table/desk/summerhouse/kitchen?
Do you finish tidying up?

Nope - don't be silly!

You rediscover lost things - like a bag of fleece tops and a felting needle 
and you sit down with a large mug of tea and make....
First a toadstool 
then swiftly followed by
 a red haired fairy in your favourite colours - well, 
that is what I would do, 
if I were you!
Then find you have made a fairy with attitude
and she turns her back on you!
Nice one :)

Have you ever suddenly been taken by the magic
and created something out of the blue?


  1. Oh so cute!!! The hair looks familiar? Sometimes I'd love to drop everything & have a go at something new or forgotten, but seem to prioritise housework, meals, husband, etc. first. Maybe I should step back occasionally now that we are oldies & just do. Now I know you are busy with TAM, but that sounds like a lovely little distraction. Have a great weekend & take care.

  2. Love the felting. Yes......... started tidying and sorting scraps of fabric to give away to someone who want to do some english paper piecing, and I found my templates started an english paper piecing quilt instead...... My young friend got some scraps of fabric too.

    Julie xxxxx

  3. A Pre-Raphaelite beauty!

  4. I've tried needle felting but it was not a success; need to have another go. At the moment I cannot drop what I am doing/have to do/must do but I hope soon my life will return to 'normality'!!! I like what you've made; the hair colour is wonderful!

  5. They look lovely, had a phase of trying all different crafts, so had a go at felting did enjoy it at the time. In Spring I was lucky enough to get my own (junk)craft room, I got into Junk Journals and love it.
    Amanda xx

  6. Never tried needlefelting ... but I do have a kit that's been languishing in the cupboard for a very long time that needs come out to play..... soon!

  7. Oh she's beautiful! Just like someone else I know! A majikal lady, all wispy turquoise and flame with a toadstool to sit on! Brilliant:). Xx

  8. Oh Wow! She is amazing. Well done.

  9. She is lovely. A redhead with attitude. Mmmn xxx

  10. Oooh yes...O know that feeling well...pray tell me...does your fairy have something to tell...is that why she turned her back...has fairy been playing with er...um...big boys toys??!!! x


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