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Word up!

Hello everyone!

Well, if that was the weekend, I've eaten it whole and could easily munch on a few days more! Never mind :)

What a lovely lot of photos and stories you shared last week and I think we are generally a cat loving lot (with the occasional dog) and I found it difficult to choose any definite favourite and I suspect, by reading comments, you did too. I was so proud of you with 'Tangerine' which you all tackled with such variety and ingenuity - well done!

Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting produced an interesting lot, I particularly like her slinky bridge but my favourite was her 'Iron Lace'.  Doodles 'n' dreams shared some lovely images, my favourite was a black and white photo of her 'little Mother' - precious memories.

Sharon from sunshine and celandines had a lovely happy sunshiny set of photos, again Tangerine was a clever one! Her photo of 'letters' made me smile as did 'Whiskery', thanks Shazza for joining in.

Welcome to Sandra Ann of Multicoloured Madness, welcome, glad you joined us. You shared some lovely pictures, a happy cat photo (who looks just like my dear nutty Pepper) and a beautiful lace knitted shawl - makes me think I should get knitting again.  Julie - Julie's Scrapbook was very clever with 'Tangerine' - made me smile and I loved her solitaire board for 'M'.

Lovely Lady shared two photos of a mackerel cat, with 'Micky' taking a staring role for both 'Relaxed' and 'M'. However, Boris (you will have to go and check who he is) certainly topped the bill.  Fiona - Made in a Muddle - shared excellent stories and photos - how many of you nearly fell over when you read about her 'Time for ...LUNCH'? I certainly wouldn't return to that establishment either!

Jak from Jak's Tales produced ...more cat photos! As well as a moldy tale with a happy ending - my poor gran's handbag :)  J from Simple Natural Handmade created her trademark photo montage and she struck a cord with me - she and I don't do lace!

Louise, from Ramblings of a Roachling shared a goodly selection of photos and her 'whiskery' vapourer moth caterpillar was brilliant. Welcome to our photo hunt Louise! Rosie, another newby, from Corners of my Mind, joined us for the first time in August. Her sleeping stag was brilliant and she too has a mackerel cat - excellent!

Fil of Fil's Songs and Stories posted a lovely selection of stories and images, her mum on her 90th birthday, a 'borrowed' cat, a clever find for 'Tangerine' and a photo of the cutest little caravan :) just needs her personal touch and it will be perfect for her musical life on the road.

Finally Kezzie from KezzieAG gave us a lovely post with her pictures and stories, her little mouse photos was sweet and guess what? Another delightful mackerel tabby kitten taking a staring role!

Thank you EVERYONE, it has been great fun.  
SO... are you ready for the  next list, 
the next challenge, 
the next deadline? 
Good - here they are!

A photograph inspired by a word, 
words inspired by the photograph.  
Remember to think laterally and interpret at you fancy, 
be it a current photo or one from your archives - Enjoy!
  1. shut
  2. copper
  3. wrist
  4. quarter
  5. It starts with an ... C
  6. foam
  7. scarf
  8. line
  9. nostalgic
  10. My own choice
I will do a gentle reminder in a week or two and if you have any queries just leave a comment :)

We will reconvene, share and show our photos as from Friday 29th September. All you need to do is add your name to the link up party and then we can all pop in and comment :) 


  1. Once again, thanks for hosting & the work it entails, doing the linky thing & then the roundup.. It was great that so many joined in & the photos were so varied & stories so interesting. Whoo!!! This month's words look just a little harder than usual. Thinking cap on & we have grandy minding around then, so I may be early or late. I suppose I could get it ready, then just publish on the day. Have a great week & take care.

    1. Thank you my dear Susan, if you get too busy, don't worry! Have fun with the grandkids x

  2. An excellent summary Hawthorn! As for this month's words, I'm planning to start today rather than having to rush like I did last month when I seemed to have no spare time! Got an idea for no 5 but you will have to wait!

  3. Thanks for this months list and your round up Kate. Better start thinking now!

  4. Hi, I'm confused. Is this the September 2017 list? The publish date on the article shows 4/9/17.
    I've just found you, and I think this would be fun for my daughter who loves photography and blogging.

    You can email me at lauraofharvestlane@gmail.com .

    Thank you for writing back!

    1. Hi Laura, I have emailed you an explanation - your daughter is more than welcome to join in, we look forward to see her at the end of September


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