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knock knock on wood....

I am still here, still busy, still chasing my tail!

As I type this I ache - yesterday I was up in the walled garden and due to my own slapstickery - I ended up hurting myself.

If you promise not to laugh (shush - I can hear you sniggering already!) I shall tell you what happened.  Firstly, an empty compost  bay, a hammer and a stake were involved -Stop it! I can hear you chortling into your coffee - pack it in!
Well, let me begin from the beginning - I wanted to turn the bays before the end of the season so they could quietly compost over winter and by spring they would be all yummy and ready for the garden.

I had already started this puff-inducing-arm-stretching-and-wrist-wrapping-action the week before so there were the final two to do. I opened the front gates and started.

After the first ten minutes or so, off came the first fleece, then a bit later, well not much, the scarf was flung aside, quickly followed by a jersey ... all that was missing was a bit of stripper music.

Eventually the bay was empty, all compost moved and layered with nicely rotted (and rather smelly) straw.  I stepped back and took a breath - I certainly will need a shower by the end of the day - now to start the next bay.

Another rather puff-inducing bit of action occurred and finally finally finally I reached the bottom of the compost bay - I could hear my coffee and sandwich calling to me and I was ready to answer them. In my haste to close up the empty bay I pulled up the pallet gate and found that because it was empty, it fell into the bay. So I collected three stakes and a hammer. The first stake went in smoothly, as did the second.

I reached for the third as it fell into the bay. No problem. I lent forward, 
over the pallet....
to reach the stake....
which was going to support the pallet...
 the unsupported pallet. 
The one I lent on.

In slow motion, the hammer, the pallet and I (cue more music except Swan Lake this time) fell forward, as one joyful synchronised unit into the compost bay.

My head hit the far side, clunking against each slat of wood (think thud..thud..thud..thud in quick succession) and I landed, with my left arm UNDER the pallet and the rest of me on TOP of the same.

For a moment I was relieved I was on my own - no one would have witnessed this act of buffoonery but then I realised I could not move!

So, with my free-and-waving-around-in-the-air-right-arm, I hauled myself up against the pallet at the back so I could get my left arm out - it was then I realised I was still holding onto the hammer.

Now, I limp - both legs, my left hand has a strange bruise, left wrist achy, tender right shoulder, right wrist and bruised ribs. A tender spot on my head and stiff neck.

And a silly grin on my face - why? coz I was an idiot but I got away it....just about.. duh...


  1. Ouch...not so funny when you're hurting...but as you say you appear to have got away with it. x

  2. Oh my Kate, that must have been some fall & definitely not funny. Promise us if any of those injuries are still botheing you by Monday, you,ll see about them. Please! What do I usualy say? TAKE CARE!!

  3. Oooops! Glad your ok. Funny to look back on but not so much at the time, despite your silly grin. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness! Hope you're not suffering too much this weekend.

  5. as you said...
    now plan better and when food calls,listen!!

  6. Glad you are OK (and thanks for this post!) but it is so easy done. I've done similar intersting things that only I know about!

  7. Well one can only say your life is certainly not dull. Hope you are resting this weekend , I am in awe with all you get done though. Take care. x

  8. Ouch. Hope all aches and pains feel better xxxx

  9. I'd have thought the same....thank goodness nobody saw me! Hope the hurty bits heal quicklyx

  10. Ouch! Hope you're recovering well. My Mum did something quite similar recently and ended up with four stitches in her head and a broken arm. Glad you got away with bruises but it must have been a nasty shock all the same x

  11. Oh my! the comical things we do unintentionally! I had a silly thing happen to me just last week...At the end of a lovely day kayaking, as we were heading back to shore, the tide had come in and the mud flats surrounded us. As I gingerly tried to step onto the beach, the ground swallowed my foot and I went ass over tea kettle into the muck! But wait, there's more! After I unstuck myself (I was now covered in sandy muck all along my left side from head to toe) I went to take off the removable rudder which promptly sprang out of its bungey cord hold and smacked me in the chin like a prize fighters upper right! I ended up with a good sized bruise there but luckily it didn't hit me in the eyes or teeth...unfortunately for me, I was not alone and my two girlfriends had a good laugh! Hope you're healing up...job done though right?!

  12. Sending a {gentle hug} hope your hurty bits are soon healed.
    DH was turning compost today at the community allotment, he was huffing and puffing with all the activity, I was watching with a nice hot cup of coffee....

  13. Oooow. Sore. Hope you're all healed up before too long.


  14. I certainly wouldn't laugh at your mishap. I tripped April 2015 and am just booked in for my forth op Oct 5th to give me use of my unhealed right humerus bone and dislocated shoulder. I have had my arm in a sling unable to use it for 2 years and 5 months!

    Hope you heal soon with no ill effects.


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