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October kicks in

Thank you everyone for joining with September's Scavenger Photo-hunt - once again your stories and photos were most enjoyable and it was lovely reading them all.

Right a quick post to supply October's list and to show you a photo taken from today - Moss posing at the end of a lovely path near the river Lune (Lancaster). We'd helped Eldest move back to uni (how does one lad have SO MUCH STUFF??!) any hoo as a reward, we packed a picnic, took a giddy dog and went geocaching - completely incorrectly dressed, we had a lovely lovely day - really enjoyed it.

We'd forgotten how much we love the simplicity of walking and the pleasure of the hunt of geocaching - so we are going to do again and soon.

October's words

My Own Choice

Remember - photos inspired by a word, words inspired by the photo, it can be a recent image or one from your archive.
It should be fun and don't forget to write a little about your image - then on Friday 26th October we shall reconvene and share our posts - look forward to seeing your stories and pictures then!


  1. Great to hear you getting about still with cold weather fast approaching & geocaching always sounds so exciting. Oh, that list made me smile! As I lay awake in the wee hours this morning, the hunt list crossed my mind & I thought about the word flame (have a photo in mind), leaves or autumn tinted trees (your season, not ours at the moment) and also the word print or frame. Were you in my mind...... Thanks, take care & huggles.

  2. Thanks for the words. I'll make a start ASAP as I'm still very much is slow mode! At first read the list does easy ......

  3. We did some more Geocaching at the weekend too. It's great fun for all ages. X

  4. I know what you mean about how much stuff....we literally had a shoebox sized space left by the time we'd crammed it all in when taking our son back to unix

  5. Moss looks like he's spotted the next clue


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