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Autumnal fecundity and inner otter issues

It has been, I have to say,  a full on day. Now, as an already wet and driech day slides in to a wet and dismal evening - I am glad to be sitting down in front of the fire with a cat sprawled out like a molten furry jelly on the carpet. The radio is barely on and the sounds of the homeward bound traffic rumble like distant grumbly-thunder.

Yesterday was lovely. Just him and I (and the dog), our walking boots, a set of clues and a packed lunch - we walked and laughed and talked about everything and nothing - and we agreed that this was how it was before we had children.
The cool damp meadows above Grassington
The narrowest bridleway I have ever seen.
I'd not take a horse through this - even a giraffe would have to
walk with all four legs in single file, never mind
a barrel bodied horse breathing in! 
Our super fast, slim-jim dizzy dog thought 
that dashing along this slinky path was brilliant.
The abundance of fungi was impressive,
there seemed to be cascades of gilled fleshy plates
on nearly every stump or decaying tree trunk.
There were flashes of brilliant colour amidst the softer
damp autumnal foliage.

One of our party was determined to test out
every puddle, river, pond, ditch or stream.
We think her inner otter got the better of her.

 Trees baring fruit seemed laden,
hedgerows full of bright berries glistening in the low light.
And one last final image,
a walking party of mature adults, I say mature,
I am referring to only their ages
because we were delighted to watch
as two of them grabbed the bridge and began rocking it
making the rest of the party
squeal, chortle and totter as if they'd just stumbled straight out of the pub.

Himself and I were greatly amused
and agreed that we will stay as youthful as that!


  1. The abundance of fungi is amazing, something rarely seen in suffolk - always too dry.
    I liked you description of the mature walkers crossing the rocking bridge

  2. Your autumnal photos are beautiful, especially the fungi & of course Moss gamboling about. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  3. Lovey pictures. Thanks again for sharing you walk. Doesn't Mad Miss Moss feel the cold? You are right, she is otter crossed with Labrador. Love the narrow bridle path. Is it for (bridleless) sheep?

  4. Your walkers might have had a wee dram in their flasks to keep the chill out.... Moss looks like she was having fun in the pool. The fungi and autumnal colour is stunning this year.
    That's one narrow passageway.

  5. Loved the post. You paint a picture with your words!

  6. Great photos, I love the first one of Moss in the water. Not so sure about the bridle path though, I don't think I'd like to try riding a horse along it :(

  7. I don't think I'd like to try getting through that bridle path myself...let alone on a horse! x

  8. Miss Moss steals the show, again. I agree that there are loads of fungi about. As for that bridleway, were there passing places?

  9. Fabulous photo's, thank you. Nature is beautiful at this time of year.

  10. Looks a lovely walk and such gorgeous colours. Autumn is well and truly here, though tomorrow is meant to be warm. You might be able to kid yourself that it's summer again. X


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