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A brief stop before relaunching off

A quiet moment at home - a precious thing. A fleeting visit before I set off for the day.

Yesterday I met a friend and with Moss we walked through fields and alongside canals.
We talked and laughed, we shared food and secrets.

The colours around us were softening, autumn in places is gently shedding her coat revealing bare branches.

The sky a delicate transparent grey, nondescript clouds drifting by and beads of geese heading to better feeding grounds.
Floating fallen leaves knitted into rafts drifted along the canal waters. Fooling the eye and the dog ... into thinking they were islands. We were not fooled, however Moss was and stepped onto a leaf island. Fell through and ended up having to be hauled out. She recovered her dignity by racing up and down with a inane grin on her face. Finally throwing herself at our feet and rolling around, tongue out and legs in the air to show her defiance as being 'tricked' by the leaves.
 Sunday, we - Himself, Youngest and I (and Moss) walked the hills around a neighbouring village. Treading paths both new and old. Places where a dog can run in huge dizzy circles and not seem tired. Streams to step over or wallow in (depending on your needs...) Views, views to drink in and feel sated.
Again the colours were of autumn. In places rich and sumptuous and in others drab and faded.
The breeze - a tricksy one, light and teasing cut through clothing, pulled leaves down and joyfully tossed them around before discarding them on the floor.

The rest of the week will be 'nose to the grindstone' - I have played too long and although it was wonderful to feel that air on my face, feel the miles vanish beneath my feet, at the back of my mind were the lists of things that need completing, delegating, starting with new tasks quietly joining the bottom of queue.

Bring it on x


  1. Beautiful Autumn colours. Your walk looked like it would have been lovely and peaceful. X

  2. what a lovely walk you had, so relaxing. I enjoyed coming with you :)

  3. Such wonderful autumn colour you saw on your walk, I hope it filled your senses with delightfulness and helps to calm the mind for a productive week ahead and your 'to do' list decreases.

  4. I cant wait for the exhibition to be over. We are at the stage where everyone is asking - me - whether xyz has been done. That means my list grow longer and I want to run away. Except I can't run. So a crawl then.

  5. Love the Miss Moss moment!!!! There is some lovely autumn colours to be seen at the moment. I enjoyed walking with you too.

  6. I enjoyed your walk too. Thanks. Mad Miss Moss ....I'm sure she knew the leaves were not an island....she was just doing it to amuse you. Xx

  7. Yes, you need time out to relax before the big weekend & try not to let it all get out of hand. Enjoy & hope all goes well. Take care.

  8. What a lovely time spent out doors, to be embraced and never feel guilty of the time spent in nature.
    Lovely photos have a lovely week.
    Amanda xx


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