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While I wait for the kettle to boil ...

Yesterday, beneath a brilliantly clear blue sky, Autumn tiptoed around the garden on frost feet. Last night Winter dropped by and teased us with what's to come.

The droplets hanging from the trees are shiny dripping beads of ice and the small stone trough where the birds drink, is a thick frozen sheet.

There is a strange sepia glow to the sky enhancing a feeling of being steeped in cold tea. 

The kettle has boiled, time to make a move.

Speak soon x


  1. Lovely description of the arrival of Autumn or could it be Winter

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I bet that squirrel's burying some nuts, he knows what lies ahead. Is it too soon to be longing for spring?

  3. He looks like he's found a tasty treat, we have 4 in the garden today all foraging about for a snack or two, good job DH filled the squirrel feeder with their nuts!
    Have a lovely day keeping toasty warm in your lovely studio.

  4. It was lovely to wake up to some gorgeous frosty patterns yesterday. Cup of coffee for me please Kate. X

  5. I had to look twice - a squirrel!

  6. And underneath our kitchen table there is a real nip to the air...not sure where it is coming from...need to make patio door curtains. x

  7. Sounds descriptive put like that, although I know otherwise. Squirrels are cute even when grey. Hope you have a lovely relaxing week. Take care & huggles.

  8. It is only about 7 weeks until the shortest day and in my book that means spring will be on its way! Certainly a bit cooler and a bigger frost. On a walk today I espied some begonias, all soggy and lifeless after last night's frost. As long as the rain stays away I can accept this changing season!

  9. Lovely description of your frost garden. Love the squirrel tucked away under the leaves. I must say I found Threads through my Life's comments about 7 weeks till the shortest day most inspiring. I love that feeling of 'we are on our way to spring' that comes on that date, however dark and cold it is.xx


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