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blogging - when in reality ....

........what I should be doing is needle felting!

Edited to add - gosh you are a sharp eyed lot! I shall put back the word that had been there but I remember deleting coz I miss counted! Cant get away with AnYtHinG with you around (thank you xxxx)

I thought I would pop in and catch up with the Scavenger photo hunters - thank you everyone, again there has been such a lovely selection of photos and stories - I look forward to reading them each month :D

Here, for your delectation and delight (and groans of despair!) are November's words...

My own choice

We will show and share our stories and pictures 
Friday 30th November

This will be the last one for 2018 - December always gets a little busy!
We will start again in the new year x


And if you are new, tempted or have forgotten - the gentle rules of our game are:

A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photo.
It can be a freshly captured image or one from the archives - all you need to do is waffle a few words to accompany it.
Try to think out of the box - not always easy and not compulsory - but adds a little zing to the ol' grey matter :D

The needle felting I should be doing?

A Hare checks his back foot whilst hare waiting for ears and front legs......  (blurred to keep his identity a secret - he has been commissioned for a gift)

til next time - with love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Love the words you have chosen.

    May I mention my Advent Scavenger Hunt on here?

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Is it me or are there only fine words for November?

  3. there is too much interesting stuff out in the blogosphere at times!

  4. Thanks Kate, but only five this month including our choice? Looks a very cute hare!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care. Whoops that rhymes.(giggle).

  5. Mr Hare looks interesting, I do love me a bunny wabbit.

  6. Good words! Beautiful art you are creating there. Wishing you a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for list. Now to get my thinking cap on. Xx


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