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frost moon

Still on with completing my walking challenge.

October and the rain have really set me back so in order to catch up we, Himself, Moss and I walk in the evenings.

We have been rained on (are you surprised??) and hailed on - we were lambasted one night with ice, chilling us and giving the dog a frosty white coating - we returned sharpish. Last night, although cold with a clear sky, was rather nice to walk out in. 

Not sure why the camera made the light from the 'glow-in-the-dark' dog collar into such lovely ziggerdy-zaggs but I like it.

I will go out shortly and get on with my latest work - good to be back painting again.

Have a lovely Thursday xx


  1. We had a beautiful moon and woke to a hard frost...no walking involved here though!

  2. Love your moon pictures and fidgety dogs'collar lights. I bet she is enjoying her evening walks. Is she near her 1000 steps too? ❤ xx

  3. I should have said 1000 miles. How far have you got?🙀xx

  4. How wonderful to be walking. And even at night. You must have very safe roads, to walk on. -smile-

    Lovely moon!!!!

    Precious zig-zagggy lines, from the collar! Fun!


  5. Once it gets dark, I stay inside.... You are brave/determined to go out walking in the darkness. My walking this month is very hit and miss. today will be another miss!!!

  6. Beautiful photos. No rain here just bitterly cold. Hope it wasn't too cold in your studio to work.

  7. I hope you're well out of the way of the floods Kate - it's been a miserable few weeks but you've all been having the worst of it.


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