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In which crochet and art are mentioned (and the rain ...)

I am rather enjoying blogging bite sized posts - feels like catching up with old friends :) Makes me realise how much I have missed it.

I had, prior to the madness leading up to the art event, completed my Seaside Stash CAL in my favourite colours. I'd a couple of those oversized yarn cakes of a lovely soft grey yarn loitering for a year or so and with the oddments of blue I had or were given made this blanket. It squishy and soft and we all love it.
  The size is a little small for a double bed, which is what I had in mind for it, so I decided to use the stitches I'd learnt in the first blanket and finish off the stash yarn with a wider - longer 'make-it-up-as-you-go-along' version. This has meant erhmm... acquiring a little more yarn - but in my defence it is gifted yarns, charity shop wools and end of line stuff with the occasional reasonably priced ball here and there....
The second blanket is darker in colour but lighter in weight - the first one with it's heavy grey yarn drapes well and feels very comforting. This one will sit lightly and warm gently - a perfect combination on a bed. 
Funnily enough - folded here they look of a similar size. But don't be fooled, the top dark blanket is only as wide as you can see - so still a long way to go. The grey Seaside stash has been folded several times to match.

In case you are interested ... it is raining ... again....

I have a rather special piece of work I am on with at present - my entry to an exhibition at the I.O.M.A (Institute of Miniature Art) - I am preparing a series of entries which will tie in to each on the theme of motherhood.
Any hoo - up periscope and pass me my waders - I need to go out to the studio ...... and the weather is still rubbish!


  1. I am enjoying these lovely posts, like a small window into your world. I love both your blankets the colours are gorgeous. I cannot crochet and would love to learn simply to be able to make blankets.

    I hope you made it out to your studio safely, it sounds like you are having some wild weather. I am intrigued by your work for the IOMA and look forward to seeing your entry.

  2. Both blankets are gorgeous and just perfect for cosying under on these cold, damp days. It's raining again here but we're forecast some sunshine tomorrow! :)

  3. Yes! Smaller posts! With mostly, one topic covered. But these smaller posts, come more regularly. That is how I like blogging now days. -smile-

    Personally, and it is _only_ my choice...! I don't care for those long, long posts. Where people seem to wait 'ages,' to post. Then cram a whole bunch of stuff, into one. -sighhhh- Just too long to read. One loses what-to-comment-on.... Etc.

    Of course, we *can't* sayyyyyy such, now can we? -grin- But! Look! I just did!!!!

    Hope you made it through the rain!!!!!!


  4. Oh yes, your blankets are lovely. I especially love the one, with the cat. Cats do just love knitting projects, don't they....


  5. I love your double feather robin picture. It may be a lousy wet day but it makes it a good day for settling down with a mug of tea and getting painting. Not so many interruptions. ☕🌂☂🌈❤

  6. Those blankets are so beautiful.

  7. Beautiful blankies, and lovely to see your more frequent posts. Your IOMA work is stunning. xx

  8. I love the feather painting. What medium did you use?

  9. I love both of your blankets... they are just beautiful! And the feather project is so unique and different... love it!

  10. Can't believe you're on your second stash buster blanket. I must get to grips with my border and finish mine which I started at the end of April this year!


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