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Monday musings

Good (damp - again) Monday morning. I am sure when I last looked it was still Friday - where have you gone dear sweet weekend? You are sorely missed.

Thank you everyone who voted for my work - every little bit helps - the closing date is end of the year so no one will know the results for a few weeks yet.

Although we did manage to get out between the driech drizzle and the essential weekly shop over the weekend - these photos are from Friday's walk.

I best get on, still working on commissions for chrimbly and have to make festive type stock for a festive fair coming up in a couple of weeks - which is difficult as I am not inspired in the slightest - I get annoyed at the jingly music making inroads on the radio, the festive adverts being bombarded at me from all corners and I don't want to be part of that - however, I have to get on - so, I shall stick the kettle on and make myself a large and frothy coffee and walk determinedly down to the studio and 'get to it' - wish me luck!!


  1. Nope.... when you have to, it's not when you want to.

    Good luck with getting into the mood, of your work, which has to be done.

    I am not really in the Holiday Mood yet myself. No Holiday music here. Nary a decoration. It will come. It will come...


  2. I too wish Christmas would start on 20 December and finish on 27 December!!!! Love your fungi but such a pity they are not edible..... even if someone said they were edible, I'd not taste any. Dull out there but no rain (at the moment!).


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