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Sweet blue skies

Walking yesterday morning was glorious. We had bona fide sunshine with elongated shadows and it was warm enough to actually regret the layers of clothing we were both swaddled in.

Chilly last night though and there is still a nip in the air this morning. Best get on, things to do, treats to bake, posters to make, showers to take - running out of words now :)

Have a good Tuesday, I am off to knit and natter this afternoon, so I shall get some quality crochet time and not feel guilty!

edited to add: just made a small plate of peanut butter and oat cookies - ooh nom, nom, nom. Will share recipe tomorrow x


  1. Lovely photos!

    Beautiful dog!

    A lot different from our weather. -smile-


  2. Great photos. Bitter cold here. And cloudy... Nice to see your sun.

  3. I can vouch that the cookies were lovely!

  4. Monday was a gorgeous day wasn't it, frustratingly we were stuck inside! Glad to hear that you were able to get outside and enjoy the lovely day.

  5. Pretty blue sky, a treat to be outdoors after all the rainy days recently.


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