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What to do next time you stick the kettle on :D

If you are a regular blogger you might remember the little option on the left hand side of the top bar which allowed you to go searching for new blogs to read and follow. That disappeared a while back (all around the time google+ updates and the Cambridge Analytica debacle) any hoo - where this is leading - that ability to go and find some new blogs was lost.

There is another way - one I have used on and off for several years and quite successfully - my most recent 'find' is Mad Englishwoman and Dog. I thought that you might like to try this method of search to look for some new regular reads.

This system works if you have a  account - if you are on another platform, please try it and see if it works for you too and let us know - thanks x

Right here goes......

Go to your own 'About Me' on your page and open the 'View my complete profile'

You will see all the things you listed under your interests,
tap on one that you really fancy seeing more about 

A new page will open with thousands (and I do mean thousands) of blogger accounts. All with the same link you chose. You could choose any of your interests and someone somewhere will have a similar list!

This is not an invasion of privacy - these are up for you to see, it is a directory and if the blogger you open happens to have a private blog, then you will be directed to a page that will tell you same and prevent you going further.

Each one has some indication of where in the world they are, their blog name and a few details of themselves. Just a quick tip - if you see one that you fancy reading - open and check it out - always notice how current it is, I have been caught out once or twice, finding one I thought I would like to follow only to discover that they last posted in 2013!

I have found that, once I am having a look around, I will see a different 'interest' and follow that. It does take a bit of falling down a rabbit hole until you see something/some one who resonates with you, so stick the kettle on, crack open the laptop and have a look :)

Let me know how you do! Good luck and good hunting - EnJoY!


  1. WOW, that's a bonus, my hubby is new to blogging and has been struggling to find blogs for him to read, thank you for sharing.

  2. Lovely idea, although has the desperate potential to lead one down a very deep rabbit hole and may require an extremely large kettle!

    I have a different way, which I realise is quite ‘self-selecting’ and may well miss some absolute gems. When I am reading other blogs, if there is a comment from someone I don’t know, whose words strike a chord, I click on the name of the comment-writer which will take me to their Blogger profile.

    And ~if~ (and only if) they have enabled “Show my blogs” in their profile, I will see a link to their own blog. Have found some very lovely people that way.

  3. Hello! Great idea - except when I got to my profile, I obviously hadn't added any interests so there was nothing to click on!! I will do it now that you've mentioned it though! I usually find new blogs to read just by looking at peoples sidebars, which is where I found you! Nice to 'meet' you - Evi

    1. You could do it on anyone's profile, I was only suggesting your own as you will have (or not!!) listed things that you luje and do 😁

  4. I had no idea you could do this! Thank you so much for sharing! I do the same as Jayne and Evi too x

  5. Wow. Thanks for mentioning me and thanks for the tips on how to track down new blogs to read. I'm always looking for some. I'm impressed by your graphics in the post! Bx

  6. I've never apparently bothered to fill the interests or the blog boxes in...it's amazing that anybody has actually found me over the years!! Arilx

  7. Will have to remember that for when I have some spare time. Right now days are whizzing by keeping in touch with others and them checking on me here. No time to be bored!
    Take care

  8. Me too! I will have to come back and re-read and re-read to take it all in which isn't happening at the moment!

    Julie xxxxxx


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