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Ooo err missus.....Fancy roast spuds with that...?
So, lightly boiled, steamed dry, then tossed in well seasoned oil,
covered with chopped rosemary, wild garlic and chives (all from the garden).

Cooked in a hot oven until
golden brown and crispy.


What are you eating at the moment? 
I am trying to make food good and tasty, filling and comforting, to keep up morale, fill empty legs and empty tums - and it seems to be working :)


  1. Right now I'm intermittent fasting. I have some asthma and allergy tea. At 3:00 I can have my smoothie, mixed fruits and berries, cranberry juice, plain Greek yogurt, fresh ginger root, and ground flax seeds. For dinner we will have pulled pork enchiladas with refried beans and rice and fresh avocado. Then I will fast again until tomorrow. I haven't lost a lot of weight like others have, but weight goes off me slowly. Right now, maybe that's a good thing. Your dinner sounds good.

  2. Yum. There have been soups, flapjacks, lentil curries, veggie spag bols and Mr GBT made a batch of thin French fries for the first time because TYM genuinely struggles with the texture of potatoes. We are eating well and finishing everything we have bought. Arilx

  3. We are really enjoying comfort food... Cottage pie, cheesy broccoli bake, spag bol. Dessert has been bread and butter pudding with custard.

  4. Ooh, yum yum. I'm eking things out a bit, but rounding out leftovers in creative ways. Still rationing things like meat, flour, loo paper & a few others when you actually do your shop, but I suppose some people go to all different supermarkets & get their quota from them all. I'm basically on-line shopping & raiding the veg patch (only tomatoes & silver beet I'm afraid), but need to get my head sorted to start thinking of the winter months ahead. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  5. Yum. Love roast potatoes

    Julie xxxxx

  6. Yummy. I do roast vegetables in a similar way. We too are having cottage pie, casseroles, yes, all comfort food. xx

  7. Yummy. But what a shame to cut up that lovely heart potato!! I do roast vegetables in a similar way. We too are having cottage pie, casseroles, yes, all comfort food. xx

  8. That is quite some potato! Good nourishing food is so important right now x

  9. I can recommend Cajun potatoes. Prepare potatoes as you did and then toss them in olive oil and Cajun seasoning before roasting. Nice and peppery! I make a trayful and then freeze the left overs which are fine in the microwave for another meal.

  10. The potatoes look wonderful 🙂. We are eating the same as we always do - home cooked something with lots of fresh vegetables. Keeping low carb, and being sensible.

    There is concern about later in the year if farmers cannot get workers to pick crops which are not gathered by machine but worry will not affect that, so I am not. Waiting for warmer weather to sow lettuce seeds and runner beans.

  11. The potatoes look delicious and your first photograph made me giggle.
    Comfort food is on the menu here at the moment, and puddings have made an appearance :)

  12. We had a kale omelette with a nice salad followed by some greek yoghurt with a few defrosted strawberries.


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