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Morning !

Here in the uk a small way we can celebrate and congratulate the NHS and other keyworkers is to display a poster in a window - either with rainbows or thank yous, with the hastags of #thankyounhs and #staysafe

 Last night a post came up on FB sharing a free pattern to make a crochet rainbow
I just knew what I was going to do - 
A quick dive into the stash pile, 
 gave me enough colours to make this!
The heart is NOT part of the pattern, 
it is one my fav sis in law made some years ago,
I just added the stitched NHS.
The original design has a row of rainbow coloured pompoms, 
I decided to add two 'cloud' pompoms instead.
So, if you fancy showing your support for the incredible work they do,
put a rainbow in your window - share that love xxx

Pattern HERE
Time it took - a very pleasant evening's crochet :)

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  1. Love your rainbow. No point putting one in any of our windows as no-one walks past to see it! I'll just send them positive vibes over the ether!

  2. Clever girl. 💚💚💚

    🌈. 🌈. 🌈. 🌈. 🌈.

  3. Gorgeous rainbow and very clever. X

  4. It looks lovely and sends out such a positive message. Being one of her favourite things to draw, Lily has coloured lots of rainbows recently, so I'll have to put some in the window. X

  5. Lovely. I painted a heart with a rainbow on and have it stuck in my kitchen window. Arilx

  6. Great Kate & so thoughtful of people. Our keyworkers have definitely been overstretched this year, what with fires, then floods & now this. Maybe I'll do one too & put it up here & start something. I've teddies in one window which I change each day, though living in a court we don't get the same amount of passersby as on an ordinary thoroughfare. Well done, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  7. That looks lovely. I intend to have a go with that. Thank you x

  8. Such a lovely idea! It looks so bright and cheery. A really positive work of art xx

  9. Your rainbow in the window is so cheery and you created it very quickly. I wonder if the USA will have a unifying window celebration some day soon.

  10. That's so lovely, I bet it puts a smile on faces as they wander past your window


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