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To plant a garden is to believe in hope.

Today I listened to lapwings overhead and curlews screaming in the fields. I clipped and trimmed overgrown hedges, winkled out little weeds hiding in the cobble stones and cut back dead winter foliage.

Despite the gloriously warm spring sunshine on my face, the puddles on the lane were still frozen.
A quiet calm swirled about me, giving me a sense of 'normality', giving me a breathing space. The owner of the garden and I stood a very respectable distance apart and peaceably discussed life.

We said our good byes.

I then worked in my own garden. Sowing seeds - a promise of new things. 

I listened to blackbirds and robins conversing from the tree tops, the jackdaws cawing and chattering as they flew overhead.
Fat sweet pea seeds were dropped into chocolate coloured home made compost, bamboo canes, freshly cut from a large clump in our garden turned into supports.
Crisp black and white almond shaped sunflower seeds pressed into soft potting soil in shallow trays.
Tiny peppercorn-like seeds dropped into drills - promising radish in three short weeks.

Little things, gentle things, positive things - so important, especially now.   Especially now.

Stay safe xxx


  1. I can't wait to get back in the garden but it will be a while yet. Right now it is snowing and we are expecting 3-6 inches.

  2. It does not take much to distill life into that which is important, and what really matters.

    Nature doesn’t care that one of her many microscopic lifeforms is wreaking havoc on the bipeds, She is getting on with growth, rebirth as usual.

    When we are all “allowed” to return to “normal” is it naive to hope that ‘normal’ will have shifted a little? Perhaps to a place less consumer-centric?

  3. Spring continues as normal. A sign of hope for the weeks and months ahead. X

  4. Lovely to see. I am itching to get on with gardening here but it is bitterly cold and blowing a hoolie.

  5. I finally got out into the garden today and had a good stint. It was good to have some normality in my life. More gardening planned for tomorrow!

  6. We are also "trying" to be normal & gardening too, though the weather has been extra cool for March, so woodworking for K & sewing for me. No happy jaunts out or even walking round the block. My block has become round & round the perimeter of our yard(giggle). Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  7. It's been nice to see a little sunshine in the days.
    We had the first woodpecker arrive on the feeders this week, great excitement here.... simple, little things.


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