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In which shadows appear.... who can remember those??

What a difference a day makes ... (tr lalala)

Day three

Dear Diary,
There is still this strange bright globe in the sky. It seems to traverse across in a huge arc - very confused to what it might be.
Occasionally our skies return to their normal state of grey and cloudy but they seem to weaken when this ... this large lump of gorgeously warm (unexpectedly) glowy thing appears.  I am confused.
It has some strange power over people - making them appear out on the hills and ... get this ... even makes them remove a coat or two (I may have succumbed to this outlandish behaviour - not sure what came over me) It must have been a full hour or so before I realised my foolishness and returned to my former multi-layered swaddled self...
One or two of us even had an added spring in our step - it felt rather delightfully strange and very moorish.
It appeared that this invigorating effect was felt on others too
Long may it last!
Happy Friday xxxxx

ps. coz I suspect one or two of you would like to see a little more of a 'Mossie Spring' - just for you ...
Those pink toes!


  1. Shadow? Shadow? We have also had brief occurrences of this shadow thing of which you speak!

    suspect one or two of you would like to see a little more of a 'Mossie Spring'. Oh for goodness sake, bless her bouncy little heart! So she jumped at least three times . . . were there any inducements in the form of biscuits or other bribe-worthy treats? 😊🐾

    1. No bribes needed, she just loves being a bouncy, never known such a happy and positive soul as this nutcase x

  2. No rain today.Wonderful.Is the dog watching Crufts.Our daughter's dog loves it.

  3. Does Moss just enjoy jumping over cattle grids or does she not like walking over them? Yes, those little pink toes are gorgeous. Love your frog too xx

  4. Loved this post... you made me smile!

  5. It is nice to see the glowing things again. Moss is brilliant, love the jumping.

  6. What's not to like about this post? Love Moss jumping over the grid; one happy dog! I was wondering around Skipton yesterday, in the sunshine! I know there will be other sunny days but when???

  7. Sunshine & blue skies must be catching, as we are experiencing a "blue" sky today. The first rue one in about three weeks. Just love the bouncy dog pics! Makes my heart do a little leap too, though I've had a couple of doggy playpals over the last week too, with friends canines. Does me good. I'd definitely enjoy that walk across the fields, something we can't do here. Have a lovely week, take care & huggles.

  8. Now that's a springy dog enjoying the sunshine, fabulous!


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