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A most delicious calm has fallen, a stillness so noticeable in it's silence.
The wind had dropped and the angry hurtling storm clouds are resting.
The weather is still wintery
but it is at ease.
 It feels as if everything, the trees, the fields, 
the hedgerows and rivers are all breathing a sigh of relief.
We walked down to the nature reserve and felt appreciative of the lull.
 The rivers, although still full have begun to return to their former relaxed burble.
The evidence of their tumultuous pace is littered along their banks.
Sandy banks have been replaced by rocky berms,
pebble beaches have been stripped clean. 
New mini islands mid stream have formed
and old ones complete with their foliage have vanished.
Along certain banks, where debris is caught,
new treasures have been revealed.
Our eyes honed on to tiny chips of blue,
intricate old patterns,
vintage logos.

We were delighted.

I have plans for these little trinkets.....


  1. Fascinating shards.
    The weather is holding its breath... until the weekend of course!!

  2. It was finding bits like this in his Nanna's garden that turned son into a qualified Archaeologist several years later!

  3. What a lovely little collection. All from one walk?

    1. Apart from the final piece which was a commission, the collection came from two consecutive walks along the same river after the two named storms we had just had :) little pieces turn up regularly but not as much as that in one haul x

  4. What a find. Love what you have in mind. Amazing what can turn up after torrential downpours. We got held up yesterday with "water over road" signs & police directing us around it. Still raining here this morning. Take care & huggles.


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