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My Five on Friday 13.02

A quiet list of gratitude, acknowledging that it is the little things that make a day all that better.

  • Confirming my decision to live a simpler life - relinquishing things that drove me then wrung me out. That perfect realisation that yes, it was a correct choice and I am grateful for it.
  • The NHS - at a time when it seems the world has gone mad, these people, however fallible and normal, step up and not away when someone ill needs them. 
  • Lunch with friends - catching up with someone I'd not chatted with since October.
  • That simple pleasure of talking, walking and drawing.
  • Being on the hills with that dilly dog and Himself.
Have a lovely weekend xxxxxxx

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  1. Great list. Best bit is the Photo of dilly dog. I too converted to a simpler life ages ago; am nearly there.... Sunny today so you had better get out and go walkies!

  2. What a wonderful list! Love the photo of your dog. Thanks for joining us at the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop!

    1. I hope you don't mind I linked my Ten Things of Thankful post to your Five on Friday--Gratitude party, too.

  3. Lovely post and sweet pooch! I noticed little stars when I ran my mouse down your post! That is way cool!

  4. A good list..and a nice dog...love the muddy portrait!

  5. Welcome aboard the TToT! Love your post and the photo of your dog! I also just had to look at Pass the custard please. .
    That looks so delicious.
    I love those old rock walls too.

  6. Moss is such an elegant looking dog and so photogenic

  7. I cannot think of a more simple way of being grateful(through your words) for the things we often take for granted or do without a second thought. Did you realise you have centred on friendship & connection this month which is so vital to all of us as humans & we are losing that in this day & age. Thanks Kate for the gentle reminder. Take care & huggles. PS: I'll try & do my post today.

  8. That’s an excellent list! Stay safe,, be well,

  9. Hi, I loved this post, it was most interesting. I love your dog.
    I loved your post, I did not know your blog, do you want us to follow each other? you tell me Cheers

  10. In complete agreement with the others, excellent dog photo!
    lol (I'm kinda like that with our canine friends)
    Welcome to the TToT!
    Simpler can be better, although remarkably difficult to achieve, at least for some of us.


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