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When walking ...

Rules of Engagement

*Shoes, lightweight converse style with shorty socks 
*Camera - always a camera 
 *Dog - who, at this point may have noticed and begun to get excited🐾 
* Dog poo bags   ✅lo plenty  
Step counter set and ready  
Action Plan

*Step out, turn left, left again then right....
*Follow the dog's nose🐾, she leads the way,
pulling us towards the walk.
*Up the cobbles to Claire's field or the bowling green or 
down the main road and up Rock Lane 'S' bends,
via 'fridge farm' or 'Ol' Joe's Lane'
At the whim of the nose of a dog 🐾
Capturing moments 
Small spots of hopeful talismans 
 Gifts of positivity and love❤️💛💚💙💜
All over the village.
They come and go.
Sharing a colourful message of hope and encouragement 


  1. Such a lovely walk & the freedom in UK of being able to wander across a field is not permitted here, so we must keep to the footpath/road. Even though we can't travel into our countryside, we are lucky enough to live in a rural town. It's growing by the day, but we are following our noses further than ever & finding little pockets of green to explore. Love those painted stones and we look out for teddies & rainbows. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & huggles.

    1. In England we also have to keep to footpaths and roads, we can not wander across fields (although folk do) as it is not permitted. Only in Scotland can you freely wander (with some consideration to crops and stock) across fields. And increasingly these footpaths are being barred to walkers making it difficult - so we keep to those we hope will stay free to access. Hope you keep finding those pockets of green :)

  2. Love all the lovely rocks. I have one I found in Virginia that I brought back home to place here. I haven't done it yet as we haven't been on any walking trails yet this spring.

  3. Love the stones. What a gorgeous idea. I wonder if there's something similar around our village - but I haven't been there for weeks . . . Love Moss too - in the pictures in earlier posts. Would love to know more about him - how old he is, how you found him, how old he was when you took him on, his history. Bx


    1. Thank you - Moss does feature a lot in our stories, she is a huge part of our lives - I wrote about her beginnings here ...https://livelovecraftme.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-delight-of-summers-evening-walk.html x

    2. Thank you. I'll check it out. :-)

  4. I am really loving the inventiveness that people are showing with their artwork round my neck of the woods. The pieces that really capture me I photograph as it's also a way of recording the ephemeral details at this time of great social upheaval and history. Arilx

    1. We've noticed that window displays (rainbows and a few teddies) have increased over the weeks and the stone painting exponentially over the last week - it is good as so many folk are walking around the village and each one give a little spot of love and colour and smiles :) I am also photographing what I can to record these strange times. There are grumbles that these stones are 'litter' however, they do not degrade or break down and do not rot or smell and let's face it - much nicer 'litter' than the dog poo bags decorating some fences around here ... sigh x

  5. How lovely for all to see, what a treat on peoples walks.

  6. Love the painted rocks. We've seen a few of these and some crocheted flowers on our walks this week. X


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