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Excuse me while I .... oh - forgot what I was doing.....

On Monday evening, I had written (what I thought was) a really good post about the bank holiday weekend when my laptop had a funny turn and I lost the whole thing just as I pressed publish. I just shut the laptop and put it away - there was nothing I could do to find my lost words.

This morning, Tuesday, I tried again, but my heart was not in it, I could not get my words to be as lyrical and expressive about my weekend as before - so I deleted my feeble attempt and instead got ready for work. 

Now, at the end of the day, as the sky fades from a rich blue into a soft dusty shade of blue and peach I finally feel ready to try again. But this time with new wafflings and stories.

Funnily enough - I only got as far as that and ..... closed my laptop. All story telling having fizzled. Hopefully this attempt (now Wednesday afternoon) will sort that out :)
Most folk will have noticed the painted stones which have popped up around their local area, mostly painted by children during the lockdown. After the initial flush of cute pebbles, it had gone quiet and I must admit to missing not being able to find them.
So yesterday, four of us (yes we are all from one household!) sat round the dining room table and painted pebbles to our hearts content. You could hear a pin drop there was so much concentrating :D

This morning, along with a pile of huge sunflower seedlings and a forest of tomato seedlings, the pebbles were quietly put on our wall and over the course of the day have equally quietly been adopted - it has put such a smile on my face :)

Some of our painted pebbles never made it out on to the wall - they were kept however another painting day has been earmarked to supply some more smile makers - watch this space! xx


  1. Love the beach and the little owl. What sort of paint is best for stones. No pebbles here but plenty of flints.

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    2. Deleted the last reply - so full of predictive text errors it hardly made sense!

      We used acrylic paint and it seems to cope with a variety of stone textures :)

  2. You have all been so busy; love the look of the stones. Keep painting!

  3. Lovely idea. A couple of houses near us leave lots for people to pick up as they pass by and then rehide. Arilx

  4. I love the beach scene,I would love to have found that!.Infact I think that I would maybe have picked that one up and brought it home,lol.On our walk last week we saw quite a few that people had done,but the grasses were growing around some of them.So I put them on show near to the pathway,but today,on the same walk we didnt see any.So I am going to do some myself and take them there...although I dont think that mine will be any where as good as yours...They are lovely!xx

  5. Wow!!!! Great idea Kate & glad you all enjoyed doing it & others have enjoyed your artistic works. I know the feeling of when you have things to say, whether on a blog, email or even the phone at the moment & it just doesn't either come out right or there isn't the motivation. Seems a lot of people are lacking in energy of the mental kind, rather than physical. Thanks for a cheery post, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  6. Beautiful! And such a fun and creative activity.

  7. Such a nice thing to do.

  8. Love the moomintroll and the owl and the night sky. :-)

  9. Wonderful. It makes me want to seek out some paint. :)

  10. Super idea, a great project for you all to create and leave out for passers by.

  11. They're beautiful, and such a great idea. I love to see the joy on Lily's face when she discovers a painted pebble on our walks. X

  12. They are wonderful! We painted pebbles a while back and it is such fun, we did it with a friend's special paints then but we have lots of acrylic paints so I might do some more. I love the plant labels.

  13. They are beautiful pebbles! I need to go out pebble hunting, and then spend some ghappy hours painting. One day soon, perhaps!


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