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Morning Monday - what have you planned today?


Hope Monday finds you feeling positive :) Sending hugs for those who need them (and lets face it - we all need a hug every now and then xx) What are you all up to? Go on, tell me - I'd love to know what you have planned, I am off gardening for a couple of hours - surrounded by the sounds of lapwings and curlews.

Thank you everyone who joined in with the Scavenger Photo Hunt - these pandemic restrictions are providing some lovely photos as you use alternative sources for your contributions - whether from the archive or on your daily allowed exercise or as in the case of Jak - who is an avid 'Africam' webcam watcher, managed to capture images from the daily activities of the animals of an African game park to fit the list of words - very clever. I know that a number of you do find joining in hard, I understand - inspiration has to be found from alternative quarters at the moment - but use that as an incentive to look with different eyes :)

This month's words are simple shape related prompts - let's see what you can come up with!

Your own choice (and if you can continue the shape theme that would be great fun!)

Have fun, most of these shapes could easily be found within your home or if you know you have the perfect photo in your archives - brilliant, we would love to see it here :)

We'll share and show our stories and photos from Friday May 29th and through out the weekend.

Have fun hunting your pictures xxxxx


  1. Ooh thats exciting! I didn't realise we get the prompts at the beginning of the month! Now I'll be able to keep an eye out for the right ones....I mean the right shapes! Thank you

    1. Glad you are joining in, the more the merrier!

  2. We are gardening too, constructing while the dry weather holds...

    1. Yes, at the moment everything creative seems to be on hold coz I'm outside gardening at every opportunity!

  3. Nice words! Thanks. I'll start to think now.

  4. Monday - weekly chemo day - I've been sleeping quite a bit of it.
    Roll on tomorrow ....

    1. Sleep is a wonderful healer, tomorrow is on her way x

  5. Thanks Kate. I bet I know why M said "nice words", as they could all relate to our quilting,(big smile) & I'm already hatching a plan....... Take care, stay safe & huggles from down under.

  6. I must re-join the scavenger hunt one day........ haven't done it for a while, but this list looks like my sort of list though.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. Thank you Kate as ever for your kind encouraging post. I shall definitely try and join in the Scavenger Hunt at the end of the month. I knew I should have taken a photo last night of our first bowl of Swiss chard soup! xx

  8. Thanks for list. I don't think I'll be so lucky this time with using my animal pictures. Will have to think hard to find the shapes. xx


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