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Be a shepherd

Blogging and blog reading (and the internet in general for that matter), seem to have taken a back seat recently - oh don't get me wrong, I still dip in, I still post, I still read articles and search for recipes and crochet patterns,  however the lure of the garden, the invitation of a good book, the call of the crochet hook have been so much more enticing.

I have, despite the pandemic and all it's combined horrors, found reasons to be grateful and I know that others have done too - so, (with the gentle prompting of Purple Threads) I will be hosting a Five on Friday - Gratitude link up post.

If you have found small gems in your daily life which have made you smile or given you that boost that gets you through the day - a lovely email, a letter through the door, a wave through the window or shared a conversation over the hedge (at the prescribed government advised distance!) or seen a parent (or two) albeit in an airy and open space - these are things that can gladden your heart.

Do join in, it can be a simple list of joys or a longer waffle expressing your gratitude about something which has made you smile. I will be adding a link up below my list of 'smile-makers' - lets share that gentle happiness.

Sending hugs to those who need them and even those who don't!

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. 
Help someone's soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.


  1. I love your bunch of Solomons Seal. Thanks for hosting this 5 on Friday once again & I'll try & join in, but I can't think of anything to blog about at the moment, thinking I've nothing to contribute anymore. Thought my wordless week was a good idea, till I was told by someone that it wasn't wordless as I'd done captions under the photos. Stupid me!!! I'll look out for your post on Friday. Take care, stay safe & huggles.


  2. There was a parent (or two) that really appreciated the outside and socially distanced birthday visit. Thank you KnG. xxxx 😄


  3. There was a parent (or two) that really appreciated the outside and socially distanced birthday visit. Thank you KnG. xxxx 😄

  4. Amazing Solomons Seal . Never had success with it in dry old Suffolk

  5. love your Solomon's Seal flowers - my mum had some in her garden. Haven't got any in my garden but am spending a lot of time working in it to clear weeds etc as nothing was done last year. I have taken some photos of different things and put them on my new blog which I decided to do to try to motivate me during lockdown. If you want to have a look it is www.pastorswife69.com


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