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Words for May

Welcome to May's words and pictures - enjoy xx

This little sign was (sadly now gone) beautifully placed on the edge of a small stream 
not far from a pub...... I suspect (looking closely at the illustration) 
that a regular may have tottered out of the pub 
and wobbled straight into the stream - oops!

The fields are full to bursting with these (not always loved) Dandelion seed heads, 
but to me it means that 'No-Mow-May' has been very successful!

When you bump a full watering can against a concrete block.... splat!

I have a wonderful friend who gives me lovely rusty things,
I love this one!

I did have another image for 'Star' however this version made me smile.

While I was taking a photo of the star biscuits
somebody small and furry with a LOUD voice,
told me that those were her biscuits and
could I please hand them over

My own choice
The original star image 

Thank you for popping in and sharing my words and stories for May - have a lovely weekend x


  1. Love your shapes; I had a dandelion photo to use but changed my mind at the last minute! My favourite is the Square shape, I wonder why? Glad you have found it useful.

  2. The sign made me laugh & wondered who had made it. Your stars are lovely & even the tin's lid had a star-like look. Did she appreciate her treat? Love your circle & the rusty bit. Thanks for this monthly hunt. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  3. Lovely choice. I thought as I saw the star biscuits that they must be Peppers' and sure enough when I scrolled down to the next picture there she was!! xx

  4. Love the rusty thing that your friend gave you, and the voice of the cat, and the triangle sign.

  5. Love the triangle sign and the rusty star and square ... what is it about rust ... thanks for keeping this going Kate - I love it xx

  6. If you will shake a biscuit treat tin, there has to be a reward in store for a furry friend.
    Great choices.

  7. They are all great shapes, I love that warning drinking sign!
    Oh, to have some dandelion wine once those seeds have flowered.

  8. Thats a great selection of pics for the prompts! The sign is very funny - it really does look hand drawn! I couldn't add a link to the linky thing but I did join in again. This time I actively looked for things to photograph rather than hoping I'd end up with the right ones in May.....and I managed!! ;)
    I'm off to have a look at what other people have found because I'm intrigued about how people interpret a prompt. It's fascinating!


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