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Lock-down craftism

Thank you for your lovely comments and emails about my last post, it always amazes me (and humbles me) that so many folk read my wafflings - thank you.

Today's post is a little less 'audible' and a little more 'make do and mend' type of crafting.

Tomorrow here in the UK we are celebrating VE Day however all the celebrations, which had been planned for obvious pandemic related reasons have had to been shelved. Our little row of houses will be quietly commemorating the event by hanging bunting up today (so it is up for our regular Thursday 'clap for carers') and I suddenly wondered if any one might be doing the same.... so thought I would share our home-made-spur-of-the-moment-see-what-you-have-in-the-house bunting.

You will need

  • Three pieces of paper - I sort of have red (ish), blue and white (silver) which I'd got through a friend with access to all sorts of craft materials.
  • Cord or ribbon - I fortunately have red, white and blue carpet wool
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch


  • Co-conspirator who is more than happy to cut and punch holes and make paper bunting with me

Also optional 

  • Plenty of sunshine
  • Mug of tea
  • Pens - to decorate the pennants

Cut as many pennant shapes as you can or need, ensuring you have equal amounts of each colour
Punch holes at the top then lay out in the correct colour sequence
I made a tri-coloured cord by twisting my three colours together, then folding in half to make a Union Jack coloured cord, greatly amusing both the cat and the neighbours... 
Then, thread your bunting pennants on your cord.
Admire your shadow in the sunshine (optional extra...!)
 Lay out step back and admire - finish brew.
Grab a pen and doodle your version of the Union Jake
(mine were all a little lopsided)
 Hang up in a suitable settings for the obligatory photo
 Hang most decoratively at the front of your home ready for later!
 Happily watch your bunting flutter in the breeze.
 Take photos from several angles, once again bemusing the neighbours.



  1. Very creative! I'm impressed by your drawings of the Union Flag, and I love how you're wearing clothing to match. X

  2. Oh oh oh I spy the cutest little house hiding behind the shrub and pennants! Happy VE Day!

  3. Beautiful and wonderful to bring cheer to all who sees it!

  4. How creative! Happy VE Day!

  5. Super.
    I had a delivery from one of the craft group ladies, she made me a length of bunting and did some for a few others as well to keep herself busy. Friends and sharing at its best.

  6. Your craftiness knows no bounds! Well done.


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