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VE Day

Cake and Tea
Cake and Tea and Bunting
Lots of Bunting
Laughter and gentle ribbing between neighbours
Laughter, Cake and Tea
Bunting, Balloons, Flags
and Bingo
Bingo and laughter
Music and quiet(ish) roads
Reading and talking

 Cake and tea and reading and talking
and laughter
and sunshine
 so so much sunshine
Bells, church bells peeling
Social distancing street party
- a wonderful way to celebrate life,
village solidarity
 and cake
(and tea).


  1. What a beautiful day you had... great photos!

  2. Village solidarity. Very important.
    Glad you had a good day

  3. That looks lovely, glad you had a nice day. We had similar loveliness in Langcliffe yesterday. Village solidarity, together, separately, all at the same time. Very special. Much love. x

  4. Beautiful colours. Village looks lovely.

  5. Your village looks lovely.
    A much needed boost for all, sunshine and tea and cake, that helped tremendously as well.
    I blogged about our celebration too.

  6. It all looked very good as I drove home from the fields where I'd been working. The weather was perfect too, unlike the last few days!


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