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I'm Jammin'..Jammin'...I hope you like jammin' too

On Saturday I was given a kilogramme and a half of the juiciest plums, except they weren't juicy at all -  they had just been dug out of a neighbour's freezer and they were little arctic blockettes of solid purple ice! I was delighted and despite the very real threat of frost bitten fingers - I made plum jam.
The flesh was so cold as I began to whittle out the pits then it started to thaw, it became soft and the promised juice filled the bowl while kitchen filled with the scent of summer. 
 A goodly squish of lemon juice was added and the fruit pulp simmered for about 40 minutes to soften and become thick and dark - time to add the sugar.
The juice transformed into the most deliciously scented syrupy plum magma as it bubbled and boiled, a thick volcanic glorious gloop.
I filled seven jars of liquid purple gold and a small bowl took up the excess - we would eat this first. Then as a thank you, once the jars had cooled down and the lids had clicked tight, I took a large jar to the neighbour who'd given us the plums. 
Hot buttered toast slathered in home made plum jam made my day - bliss.

Simple pleasures.
Bartering and swapping.
Supporting and sharing.


  1. Oh oh oh I so wish I was nearer. I can taste it. But not really!

  2. I've been doing a lot of bartering these last few weeks

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I'm interested that you reduce the stewed plums BEFORE adding the sugar. Presumably that makes it quicker to get the mixture up to temperature once you've added the sugar. Do you think it reduces the stewing time overall? (Which is all to the good for convenience, health and taste!)

    1. I was using a very old recipe, it says to cook the fruit first for anything up to 40 minutes, at a gentle simmer, then add the sugar and have a rolling boil to setting point, seemed to work very well, plums have a high pectin count naturally so may be this double cooking helps release it?

  4. Slurp.... delicious.
    My plums were stewed in the oven yesterday whilst it was on and a spoonful added to this mornings porridge.
    Enjoy your day x

  5. Looks lovely and sounds like it is yummy too. My latest forays into jam making recently has been blueberry in the breadmaker. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  6. Or maybe plums are very watery? I'll check my recipes. :-)

  7. A row of newly filled jam jars is a glorious sight. A generous gift from your neighbour. X

  8. Looks wonderful! I have never made plum jam! It's nice to have it made by yourself. I will google a recipe.

  9. Mmmm!! We opened a jar of plum jam from 2017 today!! Tastes of summer

  10. Oh, the scent of summer - glorious in the kitchen at any time ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Nothing beats a jar of home-made jam/marmalade. I find the majority of shop bought jams too sweet. Enjoy your jam while it lasts, which I think will not be too long!

  12. that jam looks so tasty. I haven't made jam in years, I must try it again.


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