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A 'To-do' list for October

Listening to the rain against the window and the wind howling around the house has made me retreat to something 'safe and familiar' so I am hunkering down in the attic, with mug of coffee, cat, dog and music. I feel at a bit of a loss at what to do - oh there is plenty that I could do, but I wanted .... I wanted something - something different. I did a bit of blog hopping as I sipped my brew and came across a spot of inspiration. To give myself a gentle to do list - so I thought I would share it with you and hope that you find inspiration too.

Continue experimenting with thread - I am finding sewing a strange release from this mojo-lockdown I am experiencing. I am not quite sure what was the final straw but I suspect a combination of burnout post art festival, pandemic lockdown and loss of inspiration have all conspired to stifle my ability to draw or paint. It is a strange grief I feel when I think about the lack of art in my life at the moment. I keep thinking that (and several folk have said to me) I will eventually return to pen and paper.... that remains to be seen. Slow-sew seems to be filling that void and it has given me the ability to make and gift things to those folk I love. I am not particularly good at it but hopefully with practice I will improve.

Despite my knee and my back arguing for a less physical activity, I love gardening and yoga soon quietens down the dissenters.  Besides I need that physical contact with the soil, to feel the air around me and hear bird song. It frees me, gives me space to think - or not to if I choose,  and it gives me a place to create and at the end of the working day - I can return home, tired, invariably dirty but mostly happy. Now that can't be bad.
I have been working on turning my own garden into a sanctuary for wildlife, I already have a 'no spray/no poisons' policy and have done since moving here in 2001. However, I still have a 'garden', now it is gradually becoming a wildfriendly space with a bit of coaxing and selective weeding and plant positioning.

Now that most of our meals are just the two of us, it is easier to experiment with new recipes - a few years ago I took part in the New52 - trying 52 new recipes over the year and it turned out to be rather successful. Ok - so there isn't that many weeks left of 2020 but I think I will try something different each week until the end of the year.  Something you could try too :D

At the beginning of the year I started researching my topic and although there is still a lot to learn about and to try out, I am now laying down the foundations of a story set during 1910. Admittedly during most of the lockdown I never typed a word until yesterday, when I cracked open the file and re-read what I had written to refresh my memory and reintroduce myself to the characters. Three hours later I was typing almost faster than I could think - I am sure my fingers know the plot before my head does! 

Translated means .... Swedish Death Clearing - despite the rather morbid title, there is a really positive ethos behind it - I have already started with my clearing, and will continue to do so - the gist is.... you spend the first half of your life collecting things and now it is time to get rid of them - leaving your home and your life simpler and easier. For a more glossy version - LINK

Self explanatory really except I mean more book reading less screen reading. Over the summer I have devoured more books than I have for a while and I have been reminded how much I relish a good page turner.  I favour factual rather than fiction and most of my books either have an outdoor theme or one of otherworldly.

Lots and lots of this. 
(Moss told me I had to type this bit!) But she is correct, walking is the best way to keep my head straight and deal with her fizzy feet!!

As far as lists go, it may seem mundane and normal but with the second wave of the pandemic and our area having been on tighter restrictions that other parts of the country and now having to lock down tighter - we all need something to focus on.

So, as I type this, sitting cross-legged on the settee, Moss is asleep next to me..... I think about everyone who is/has/will be somehow affected by the pandemic as it rears it's head once more. I don't have an answer and those that are in power certainly don't have a clue either, meanwhile in all of the confusion and misinformation (deliberate or otherwise) the environment continues to suffer, underhand dealings and shifty politicians continue to thrive and lets face it .... it appears that money makes the world go round (even if it is at the detriment of that same world......)

This is why I need my list.


  1. A good idea and one I will try to emulate as I have ground to a halt.

    1. I needed something to work towards/with as I, like you have ground to a halt. I am hoping by doing something different that I will eventually find my mojo again :) Hope it works for you too x

  2. I so understand this blog post & hope your list goes well. I made a list too earlier in the lockdown and stuck with at least one thing on it and it's time for another list now that it's October & warming up a little. I must pop you an email over the weekend. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

    1. You will have to share your October list - I think I might put my list up on the side of my blog to I see it and remind myself and share anything progress - make myself accountable :) Have a good weekend x

  3. Thanks so much for this list and it's consoling in a way to know that other people are suffering like I'm suffering. The lockdown seems to have done something for my writing creativity too, as well as my enthusiasm for all the other possibilities in my life, and I think a list like yours might be just the thing. I especially like the idea of Death Clearing - something I've already started in an attempt to simplify my life so that I can concentrate on what matters. Good luck with your list. xx

    1. The list does not have to be groundbreaking or earth-shattering - just something to give you gentle guidance :) if you do decide to try one out, post it and we can all support each other as we go along x

    2. Thank you, Kate, for your kind suggestion. I've taken it up!

  4. As I try to go to sleep each night (or when I'm awake yet again) I go over the good points of the day just gone but plan the good stuff for the following day, including how to tackle a quilt problem! At least when I do get out of bed I have some sort of plan... I try to do as much craft work as I can rather than housework....

    1. I also do the gratitude last thing at night - it helps - it helps a lot. Crafting certainly helps and housework - gah!

  5. Fascinating!! Would that story you mention be ....perhaps..... turned into a book? Incredibly photogenic Moss....beautiful gal!!! I started "death clearing"some years ago when I came to my senses and realized I didn't need or want a lot of the clutter that surrounded me. I am still at it! I search for the good in my life most nights ...and I find my thoughts favour the expression "The little things matter the most" Stay safe Amanda x

  6. We have a 'to do' book with two lists, one things to do now and the other side of the page the more long terms jobs to do. This is mainly because I'm inclined to forget - well both of us do to be honest! I find that all good intentions of things to do at the beginning of the long weeks of the original lockdown seemed to fizzle out. Now doing catch up!! Keep those fingers typing!! 🐺😊 xx

  7. Hi thank you for popping over to my blog. I’ve been writing in a Journal I started at the beginning of covid, without even knowing what was to come. I’ve always written my ramblings down but never revisited them once they are down on paper. How strange that this year I have and I’m amazed at the things I’ve recorded. Maybe one day someone will pick it up and say “crikey 2020 was one hell of a year”.
    Lynn x


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