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Life in colour

The colours of autumn are so different to any other season - the light casts a benign glow while foliage softens, sweetens and changes.

The heady blues of summer mellow to gentle clear sapphires and pinks. Clouds wrap horizons shawl-like and the air has a taste of distant memories of toffees and salt.

A grey sky to me is like wearing a lead weight, yet other greys abound with such delight - the muted camouflaging greys of a silent river sentry, 

the swirling eddies of deep grey water as it moves with meaning and purpose through a narrow gorge, 
The unnoticed 'invisible' grey supporting flashes of brilliant colour..... a wonderfully stumpy and broad slab of rainbow luminance...
The unobtrusive grey of a boardwalk covered in a confetti of leaves.

Then, there is the more expected colours of autumn,
The punchy reds and pinks....
Oranges and yellows,
Russets, browns and darkening greens,
Rusts, terracottas, ambers, creams and golds....
Tawny, sandy, sunset shades with flashes of caustic whites and sinister alabaster shades.
Talking of sunsets - they too have been sharing their shades of autumn, from fiery and volatile ...
To a more gentle slide into dusk then darkness.

There is so much more to autumn than the decline into decay and a loss of light - I am having to re-think my feeling of loss when the summer goes and learn to see the beauty in the faded charm and cooling weather.

It will take a lot of practice... have yourselves a lovely weekend filled with colour and sunsets in the most glorious shades of autumn xxxxxx


  1. Love your descriptive words, makes me feel I am walking with you. That picture of the leaves on the boardwalk made me think of curtain fabric, the leaves are so perfectly placed. All the pictures reflect the different shades of autumn so well. xx

    1. Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š I had to go back and see the'curtain' and yes, I see it now too!

  2. It is one of the things that I love about this time of year, the colours are stunning. A feast for the eyes. Thank you for sharing all the lovely colour you have seen recently, beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you, I am 'seeing' autumn in a better light, if you pardon the phrase, and it helps how I deal with the changing light levels x

  3. What a beautiful autumn tribute.
    Best wishes

  4. Kate!!! You have outdone yourself this post.............Autumnal beauty in pictures & words, that I can't even pick a favourite. How do you do it? I also find grey days very depressing & like you try to see the beauty around me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Grey & raining here this morning even though it is Spring. Melbourne has just passed it's average rainfall total already & we in the east usually get more than they do, so must check our figures on our own chart which we keep. Have a lovely weekend, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  5. Thank you Susan๐Ÿ˜Š your spring will soon warm up, enjoy the coolness before your hot summer arrives x have a good weekend x

  6. What a coincidence you should post about autumn colour. I wandered round my garden the other day and found loads of colour. As long as I can find colour in the garden, all is not too depressing! When there is no colour I'll go and look at (and fondle) by yarn and fabric stash! Keep finding things to delight in and share with you. x

  7. Yes, been over and read your blog and yes your garden is full of colour, unlike mine which 40 shades of green!

  8. Hello Kate, absolutely stunning photos! That red acer is amazing. And those toadstools!!! or 'Yuckles' as we call them (after a 'Round the Twist' episode where giant toadstools are able to mimic human forms then self-explode in cheeky laughter)..I've never seen beauties like it. Lulu x


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