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Going the distance.....

The evening should have be filled with small witches and Draculas, 
giggling princesses and mini monsters
But 2020 has made some changes and we
have had to change too.
No knocking at the door, no yelling of 'trickle treeeeeeeeeet' but we certainly saw and heard excited little folk as they followed the trail around the village as they 'chased the pumpkins'.
We celebrated our Samhain by escaping the house and walking beneath a turbulent sky 
with a boisterous wind.
Storm Aiden had raged through the night and most of the morning, but after lunch,
the storm began to abate.
We wrapped up well,
took a flask, fruit cake and biscuits and walked up on to the moors.
Despite a sharp and flying fast shower,
it was a good walk,
It was a good time to be outside,
feeling the air,
tasting the tang of autumn,
On our return I reached my 1000th mile - 
I have walked one thousand miles worth of walking since the 1st of January,
two months earlier than I managed last year.
To celebrate we sat in the shelter of a small valley while Moss played in the stream.
We drank tea and nibbled the biscuits and fruit cake.

 And the biscuits?

Oak leaf shaped ginger biscuits - fancy the recipe? oh, ok.... give me a mo....

350g/12oz SR flour
10ml/2 level tsp ground ginger
100g/4oz butter
175g/6oz light brown sugar
60ml/4 level tablsp golden syrup
1 egg - beaten

Oven - 190 deg c/375 deg f
Soften the butter (I used the microwave), add the sugar, syrup, ginger and stir well
Add the beaten egg, stir again.
Mix in the flour then knead lightly until well mixed and a lovely pliable dough.
Place in the 'fridge while you wash up

Roll out (dust surface and rolling pin with flour) and cut the biscuits.

Space out well on the tray and bake for 12 - 15 minutes, until golden brown. Cool on a rack before scoffing with a mug of coffee.

nom nom nom


  1. One thousand miles......congratulations...quite a feat!! I very much like your way of celebrating All Hallows Eve. A biscuit tin tucked inside a cosy warm anorak and a hot flask in another large pocket! Munching on biscuits and sipping a hot drink as you breath in crisp Autumn air and the wind blows the cobwebs away! :-) Many thanks for sharing the ginger biscuit recipe. I wonder if I can get mine to look as delicious as yours. keep well Amanda x

    1. Ooh I do hope you try the biscuits - they are so simple and so yummy! Keep on walking too (and sharing your walks - love seeing your photos) x

  2. Well done! Oh I can smell the air. Too windy for me today.

    1. Thank Jill - yes was very windy today - we would have struggled walking in the morning, by the afternoon it was a bit easier! but it had to be done as really wanted to get my 1000 miles :)

  3. Oooh yummy I certainly going to try those

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. They go very well with a brew ๐Ÿ˜Š☕๐Ÿช

  4. Well done on your 1000th mile. That's a great achievement. X

  5. Have a gold star and loads of biscuits, cake, sweet treats etc etc. Two months ahead of schedule; that must feel so good. Will you try to do the 1,000 miles next year? I'm not sure I will. x

    1. Thank you x yes I will carry on to the end off the year but not quite as determined especially as the weather's not playing nicely. And yes I'll do it again next year. Xx

  6. Well done on reaching your target early. 1000 miles, most impressive. I can vouch for those biscuits. We were lucky enough to be given a jar of them. Delicious. xx

    1. Thank you - glad you enjoyed them, been handing them out to those we can and while we can :) x

  7. What a lovely outing. Your cutter is cute. I will be trying that recipe. Thank you

  8. Well done braving the weather & up on the moors sure clears the cobwebs. The biscuits look scrumptious & it's one I'll try too. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  9. Moss is the star as ever. I love the picture of her head peeking out of the stream. And what a lovely idea - biscuit cutters shaped like an oak leaf. x

    1. Silly dog! what ever the weather or temperature she would jump in - we often have to call her out in the worst of the weathers before her feet drop off and float off like little iceblocks haha!

  10. May I ask where you got your leaf shaped cookie cutter from ? I love it. Also still loving the portrait you did of Riley our retriever a few years ago now.

    1. Hi Juni - I remember your Riley :) I got the cutter off ebay. I just tapped in what I was after and there is a huge selection, if you put cookie cutter in you get a lot from American sites (with the huge postage costs) so I put in biscuit rather than cookie and got one locally - very happy with it :)

    2. Thanks for the info.


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