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Back in business!

Hello hello hello,
how wonderful so many of you are quite happy to leap the divide with me!

Welcome Jak, Lovely Lady, Andria, Angela, Sarah, Alison not forgetting Grammy B, Amanda in the Med (please send us sunshine!) Sharon - *hugs* back, gz (all the way from New Zealand), Cat and Sarah.  Several readers came through on my email address - welcome too :)

So - back to business.

What to chat about first?

Will it be about fairisle knitting?

Or drinking champers with John Craven and Linda Barker? Hmmmm

Then there is always - oh - ssssh might be keeping that secret !

And there is - oops, thats a chrimbly pressie FO....

Hhmmmm - Oh I know! there is the up and coming Hand Made Christmas Show that we (the knit and natter group) have been invited to - oh the excitement and the creativity that is coming as a result of that event!

Then there is the festive wreath making thingy we do every year.....

So - go on, what would you like to hear about first??

Oh, one of the above stories includes a ride on the orient express, a fake chrimbly tree and two foot thick fast moving mud.

Go - you choose!


  1. Don't tempt us with vague suggestions - come on, tell us more.......xxx

  2. No sunshine I'm afraid Kate....it s bucketing down

    Please follow as a new follower on my blog and I'll delete your old blog from the follower's list :-)

    Amanda :-)

  3. Please tell me the story about the muddy river! So much happening here that my blog is being ingnored!

  4. My favorite is always the kitty adventures :D

  5. Blimey!! Tell us all of it ( please)


  6. Oooh, I'm always up for a glass of fizz, so my vote goes to the JC and LB story. Even better if you met them on the Orient Express!!


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