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Quiet thoughts

The seasons are definitely turning.

 It has taken some mental training and persistence for me to finally accept that winter is not the end
but the beginning. 

I have had to learn to accept the change in the weather and enjoy what each season brings. 

Even small delights can be found during the dankest of grey days. 
They are often not easy to spot but when they appear they seem to shine out.

Our bleary eyed school run has been blessed with some glorious colour recently. 

The sky seems alive

It has been a quiet introspective weekend, the weather didn't invite walking. So, the four of us worked through homework, de-cluttering and tidying up. The boys struggled to find any pleasure in these (mind you, so did we) but a steady supply of tea and some home baking seemed to help ease the grind. Eldest made some delicious bread for lunch and I made a HUGE pizza - it wasn't meant to be as big as a cart wheel but the dough just grew and grew and GREW!
It was, I have to report, all eaten.

The boys (and I include all three of them) are getting in training to eat chrimbly mince pies. We were the lucky recipients of some rather yummy home made mince meat and Himself lost no time rolling out pastry and having the oven going.

As I say, a quiet weekend, and you?
What did you get up to?
What gems have you found that brighten your day?
Did you do any baking?

Share, I love to hear what you do too x

Have a lovely Monday and try not to get too wet here in the UK 

with love hawthorn  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What gorgeous skies!
    My weekend was spent indoors too, sewing and a little baking, some granola for my coming breakfasts.

  2. The weather sort of dictated our weekend too
    very quiet did visit family though and tried out some knitting

  3. Not much happened here either. Knitting for the craft fair was about the most exciting thing. Could do with some blue skies but grey days are far preferable to the horrendous rains and floods others are having. Just must count our blessings. Mince pies look good. Or should I have said that in the past tense - bet they are all eaten up by now!

  4. The Celtic New Year's Day is the 1st of November...after all, sowing a seed is the beginning, before germination and growth in Spring.

    Last weekend we went to the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge in New Zealand, lending a hand with one team of riders amongst the 8.5 thousand who rode.


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