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lessons learnt


When using the knitting machine, there are certain actions that should not  EVER be considered an option. They should be deemed as FORBIDDEN. However, these are only my thoughts, but be guided and warned by my words.

  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever let the cat purrrsuade you that sitting on your lap is a good thing when you are setting up the knitting machine. Should you not heed these words - be it on your own head....

  • Do not, what ever you do, drop stitches mid pattern, at night, when you don't have your glasses easily to hand. Not unless you have a long suffering husband willing to hold a mega wattage hunting style lamp to help see the stitches conveniently hiding at the back as they gently but determinedly unravel themselves.

  • And talking of hands - unless you have at least eight arms - forget using a knitting machine when trialling out a new pattern.

  • Oh, and this one is almost as bad at having a cat *help*, try at ALL COSTS to avoid a rather over-enthusiastic and persistent 12 year old or his older tutting and sighing 14 year old brother get involved. EVER! and I mean EVER!

  • Also, slightly less dire - try not have a cat rearrange your carefully placed balls of yarn. She may have a good eye for colour and decoration but her style of knitting will not be anything ANYTHING like your style. Besides, when she is 'knitting' she is very reluctant to return the yarn she has helped herself to out of MY PILE.

Just sayin' - you know....


  1. I agree, no neverr everr accept help from a cat. I always made sure that the wool was ready for the next row, lying safely across the needles, as a certain Labrador used to walk past it, puling off the work if it was not safely locked on. Amazing what you learn from experience!! xx

  2. Have you never heard the saying about acting with children and animals? Replace acting with knitting! I'd also add another cautionary warning - don't try to knit when one's husband is not fully occupied elsewhere as otherwise cups of tea, dinner, have you seen my..... will disrupt the flow!

  3. Here here!
    Not only for your post but also comments!

  4. point taken, think I'll just aoid the kniting mchine and save myself all this angst :-)


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