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Things new.

A little while ago, our knit and natter group were invited to take a stall at our village chrimbly fayre. We gleefully signed up and got stuck into creating. We were not all of us.. Oh no.

Some of us were a little umm - distracted with day to day normality. Then that particular person (not naming names but.....) suddenly realised that in about 3 weeks she was to have some goodies to go on to the craft table. Talk about getting a panic-on. 

So, she begged to borrow her mom's old knitting machine (thanks Jak) then dug through her stash to find some 2 ply hand spun and dyed wools. 

Much scratching of head and drinking of tea whilst trying to 'design' patterns on graph paper resulted in this......

 Greatly impressed with the end consequences made her grab some more wools of equally skinny ply and try this...

 Definitely feeling chuffed to the gunnels (and momentarily forgetting how many times the knitting would fly off the hooks as she zipped the handset across to create a new row) she kept having to take photos of her little creations and wondered how she could turn these items into something useful....

Meet the
Woollen pin cushion 

Various stages of crafting, some waiting to be stitched,
others waiting to be stuffed and have their labels added
All a bit wonky and a lot hand made but....

 You bet she is!

Also on the knitting front - remember this.....

In my previous guise as 11am I was lucky enough to win 3 balls of skinny yarn - to give it's proper ply and name - it is Rico Design - Fashion Romance,  25gm of mohair, wool and acrylic, 2 ply, in 'ice blue'.

Well, I've playing very nicely thank you,
looky looky...

 a lovely silvery blue

with a whispy fluffy feel
a light a delicate scarf in the making

And to make the whole scarf lighter and even more airy
I have added random rows of 
2ply white

And I am loving it!

Go on, what has got your creative juices flowing? 
What have you been making or doing different this week?
What has inspired you to get out and make something or do something out of your comfort zone?

I have done four really 'leap of faith' things this last week.

I've just shown you two of them, my new blog and my knitting adventure ....but, what of the other two I hear you say?

1. Resigned and got a myself shiny new job
2. Bought myself a shiny new car to get me to that shiny new job
ooh err!

Thank you all so so much for taking that leap across to this new blog, I am absolutely delighted how many of you lovely bloggers contacted me day after day to get details - thank you thank you thank you!

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  1. Well busy craft person, thanks for reminding me how near Sun Dec 16 is - panic setting in here too as I've so many things started but not quite finished!

    I am so pleased you have got a new job - sounds wonderful. what colour is your new car?

  2. PS - a bit brain dead today (being at work does it to me you know!). I love the machine knitted pin cushions - gosh you are brave to try this wonderful gadget. If you want to borrow mine (which is has more features) let me know!

    The scarf looks lovely and is to light and soft but feels warm.

    Keep calm and carry on crafting!

  3. Oh my golly gosh Kate, your scarf is looking mighty fine! Well done, I am well impressed with your knitting prowess with skinny yarn! Yay, i like a happy ending or is that a beginning? Look forward to seeing the FO. Also loving the woolly pin cushions too, seeing your knitting machine has brought back memories of my mum in the 1970's using hers to knit for me and my sister! Congratulations on your new job too xox Penelope

  4. Congratulations on the new job. I might try the knitty sticks next year. That's the bravest thing I got going on!

  5. Scarf looking good and pincushions multiplying nicely. Just checked - 24 days till the crafty fair. Oh dear. Time flying by as usual! xx

  6. I'm very impressed with the machine kniting they lok like little purses, wrist warmers or you could even make hats! I don't feel as though I've donemuch crafting ecently but I do kee trying. Good luck with new car and new job!

  7. Wow, you machine knitting is amazing and you pincushions are very beautiful! I have a knitting machine but have never tried to change yarns.
    Congrats on your new job!

  8. The pin cushions are just gorgeous, I've never actually seen a knitting machine, they seem quite fascinating!


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