Just about bordering on odd, I see things through different eyes.The heading says it all - I live, I love, I craft, I am me...


I am...

I am - tired
but quietly happy

I am - knitting
A hat for Eldest

I am - eating
Fruit salad made by Himself

I am - catching up
on blogs and letters and friends

I am - going to try
getting blogging again - seem to have lost the momentum

I am - watching out for spring
this has been a very slow winter

I am - recovering
from our Yarnival event

And you?

What are you knitting?
What have you eaten?
What are you looking out for?

Hello - my name is hawthorn and I am returning to the blogging world - I've missed you!


  1. Hi Hawthorne, we have missed you, welcome back. Glad you have started the hat - you just needed some quiet time to get it going! I meanwhile have found everything so quiet after the rush of Yarnival preparations that I am not inspired to do anything yet. So I have knitted two diagonal dish cloths!!! Can't sit and do nothing watching TV, I'd just fall asleep!! x

  2. Hawthorn, happy to have you back. I must admit I have been watching and waiting. However, I've been missing for a while myself. Welcome back, friend.


  3. I am drinking coffee from the recently acquired new coffee machine.
    I am tired having had houseguests for a few days and all that it entails (mass cleaning of house given my sister is allergic to cats.
    I am occasionally considering resurrecting regular blogging but, when I try, I stare at the blank page.

  4. I too am looking out for Spring! Where is it?
    Still knitting!
    Hope Yarnival went extremely well!

  5. It is now 8 days post Yarnival and I am just about 'back to normal'!!! I too have returned to my blog after almost 2 months' absence.... as for waiting for Spring, you missed it. It happened between 2-3 March this year and I think it also included our summer too! I have picked up my Wurm hat and done a little bit more to it. Eating out of the freezer as too tired (or snowed in!) to go out shopping. Happy tidying up and planning crafty stuff to do.


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