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Iceland Hat

Not quite a ta da - that is, it will be before the end of the week but for the time being I thought I'd share this.....

Eldest 'test-driving' half-a-hat.

He's happy with this half, now to get it off his head and complete the next half!

See the 'line'? Not sure what has caused that, it's definitely not the pattern coz I have checked and it is correct, Himself suggested that I had the tension a bit tight at that point, he could be correct, will do a bit of pulling and shaping in a bit and see if it improves.

How was your weekend?

As fast as ours?
As snowy as ours?
As cold as ours?

Ah well, Monday tomorrow - bring it on!


  1. The Pizza and Apple Tarte in yesterdays post looked delicious! I've had the problem of the line appearing in my knitting before too. I've never worked out why it's always been when doing stocking stitch. Your son is lucky to be going to Iceland, I'd love to visit there.

  2. I like the metal extensions at the back of the hat, a very original idea. Or maybe they are part of some wifi connection!!!

    I think the tension suggestion may be right. Perhaps you were sitting on your wool or it was not free running for some reason.

  3. I probably wouldn't have noticed the line if you hadn't mentioned it and I've no idea why it happens. He's a lucky boy, Hubby has been there but it's still on my to do list, hope he enjoys it.

  4. All I can suggest re the line, was the wool faulty at that stage? Love the ends of the circular knitting needles sticking out!


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