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I finally succumbed.....

...and am writing a post sharing snowy pictures.
 I am so 'over' winter now....

Our village has four routes in and out of it and during the snow we were down to just the one and it was only barely one car width. A friend of mine lives up this lane................. haven't seen her in days!

Youngest 'strolling' over a 15 foot snowdrift.

Guess who?

Well, Left to Right...Himself, Youngest, Eldest, me then the dog......

And right now?
Well, I can smell the lemon shortbread cooking in the kitchen. Think I will go and pop the kettle on and undertake the serious task of test-tasting....I will report back!

It's a hard job, but some one has to do it :)


  1. Yet more amazing snow pictures. Perhaps we will not see the likes for years to come!!! If cake/biscuit tasting is too arduous for you, please give me a call!

  2. Wow, so much snow! Puts my few flurries to shame!
    Have to agree with your thoughts, SNOW has to GO!!!!!!!!

  3. I've been up Teesdale and seen people skiing and over the local moor with similar drifts to yours and am SO in love with winter. This week has been mainly bright and sunny and deliciously cold, it's reminded me why I used to say that Winter was my favourite month. So much nicer than grey rain and grey skies and it's not even been very windy. Wish all winter was like this.

  4. Wow!! That snow is something else! Even living in the middle of Canada I have never experienced anything like that, apart from one trip to the mountains!


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