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Snow day

Despite the weather reports and the news items - I was still surprised at the amount of snow that had fallen over night. We checked the school website and much to the boys delight it was declared closed due to the weather conditions.

I was very hesitant about driving to work - it is a 40 minute drive over some gorgeous (wild) moorland and in places the road is very high and exposed. So I resorted to a less icy occupation for the day - knitting!

The original hat I was doing for Eldest was just...not...working......grrrr

I was frogging after every few rows. The yarn was splitting, twisting and felt too 'cotton' like despite it being a wool cashmere blend. I was not happy and I was wasting time on attempting this wip, so I frogged it for the last time and started another.

Eldest came and rifled through my stash and chose a dark grey in Merino DK by 'Knit by Numbers' for himself, we then went to Ravelry and he chose a design called 'Graham' and now I am happily knitting (well, I am knitting, but not necessarily happy as my beloved camera seems to be on the blink.......b****r)

So Eldest has been taking photos of the wool and pattern but....bless him..... it is not the same!!

Gratuitous catling photo

It's growing! Soon will be time to change the pattern.

So - how was your Fri(snow)day?

Did you get any crafting done?

Is YOUR camera working???

Right, nuff now, off to get a few more rows done. Stay warm and keep knitting !


  1. Thanks to the snow you got to stay home and knit, thanks to the snow I had to go to work! No crochet on the go at the mo, need to get more yarn

  2. I cannot believe the snow drifts! Amazing, not sure I have ever seen anything like this before. I hope your camera recovers and that Eldest's hat makes it to the end! Thanks for the cat photo, furry photos are ooh so welcomed.


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