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Today is a lazy day...

...Such a lazy day.

After the last couple of very  hectic days (a combination of lambing time, being at work over easter weekend, stock-take, helping Eldest pack for Iceland as well as squeezing in a goodly walk) I have been sitting and knitting, eating chocolate (the boys are very generous with their easter treats - who am I to refuse!) and just generally being lazy. Oh bliss.

A little while ago I found this pattern and thought I'd make it for Himself, so a few days ago I tentatively cast on and started. A little daunted at the size of the project I had taken on. It will be the largest item I have ever knitted.

So far it is going along nicely but! I have had to put it aside as Youngest has put in a request .

Like everything that has something to do with Youngest - there is a story.......... At Yarnival he fell in love with and bought a teeny-weeny reggae reggae hat**. He brought it home and found a pebble that fitted it, drew on a face and pronounced it 'Stoned'....

A day or two later he was found trawling the internet looking at hats - red, green, yellow and black knitted hats and decided that he had a serious case of the 'wanties'. (sigh)

He has the uncanny knack of wielding just the right amount of pester power and now I am knitting a beanie in the ubiquitous reggae colours.

 A quick cast on of 120 stitches, a K2 P2 rib band then 4cm of each colour in stockinette to cuminate in the black at the top. Hopefully it will be finished this evening then I can get back to the more soothing colours of the Isle of Auskerry Ronaldsay wools.

Oh well, Sunday is quietly meandering to an end. Tomorrow I am back to work and Himself is taking Eldest and his friend to catch the coach for the airport.  It will feel odd not having him around for the week.

And you?
How was your easter weekend?
Have you a favourite project put aside to complete another?
Have you eaten too much chocolate?
Who will you miss this week?

I will, some time during the next few days blog about lemon shortbread, herons and probably post a few more snow photos.

Enjoy the rest of your break :)

** Thanks Lovely Lady - I put the blame of my son's reggae reggae 'hat wanties' firmly at YOUR feet!!!


  1. Lovely yarn in that sweater. And that reggae reggae hat....how cute will that be? Happy Easter to you and yours.


  2. I read your comments about me hours ago and have been sulking since then!! I was only trying to make the KnK table look nice at Yarnival and now I get blamed for Youngest wanting a hat..... Anyway I think his idea is great; can't wait to see him modelling the finished hat.

  3. Coming on nicely. You have to feel warm wearing a hat like that.

  4. Ooh that's a lovely pattern and G will look very hunky in it. Will he be modelling it for us?


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