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very quick ta da!

One reggae-style beanie.
(Well - two)
One happy chappie :)

(Phew - means I can get back to knitting the ronaldsay wool!)

PS - Don't be too grumpy lovely lady - he's very happy (although the beanie is a little too large if I am honest but once on his head he would not take it off!) and you did make the Yarnival very cheerful!

Well, Eldest is off - not a smooth journey start for him, apparently the airport was crawling with police and the flight was delayed by several hours, but he is there, in Iceland and hopefully things are improving!


  1. nice and bright for icy weather!

  2. Hey it looks good! So glad he is happy with it and that you can go back to Ronaldsay wool.

  3. Love the hat!
    Hope your son enjoys his time in Iceland.

  4. Hat looks good - matches stone man's hat too!

  5. The hat looks great, you're a good Mum. Have just picked up a crochet hook after a few weeks off and am loving it, so soothing


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