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Blue skies and skylarks

Yesterday we walked with our heads in sunshine. We were surrounded by blue skies and skylarks. Each time we stopped for a break we found ourselves a small babbling stream to sit next to. The boys built 'dams' as we contemplated on the reflections.

There was an awful lot of view appreciation and treasure finding.

 It felt wonderful being outside after all the weeks of less than encouraging weather.
The sun was warm and the boys and I now have a  fresh sprinkling of freckles emerging. 
Our walk took us through farms and over moorland

The fields nearest to the farmsteads were filled with lambs, some tiny little bleating slips 
and others already chunky lambs, happily running and playing in 'schools'. 
I took along my knitting, managing to finish and cast off the back and start the front. 
 The sleeves are still proving to be challenging - down to the translation or lack of translation 
so I am going to find another pattern and adapt it to fit.......wish me luck!

 As we neared the car, we were met and accompanied by several Swaledale sheep. They, unusually, seemed fairly unconcerned about us. This breed often comes across as semi-wild, preferring to leave a safe distance between walkers and themselves. This flock's apparent disinterest allowed me to finally get some decent photos instead of the usual fleeing woolly backside as they disappear over the hills!

A good good walk - leaving us all feeling refreshed and ready to tackle Sunday and a day with a borrowed carpet cleaner.......Ah, I know where I'd rather be - back out on those hills with my boys.

And you?
How was your Saturday?
Did you get out in the delicious sunshine?
Do you sprout freckles?

PS: the carpets are a lot nicer to live with now.


  1. We too were out in the sunshine, gardening. Emptying then filling all pots with lovely homemade compost. No freckles, but a healthy glow. Today..both a bit stiff from all the lifting but now I have the gardening bug so can't wait for some better weather again.

  2. Hubby and I did that too. We stopped to look at the map and one sheep decided that it looked or sounded like food and sent up the cry that started the whole flock charging across the field towards us. We were so sorry to disappoint them.

  3. Saturday's weather was wonderful. I gardened a lot. No freckles for me, just honest muck and dust and compost on my skin! Love the animal photos.


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