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Sorry sorry sorry..... but I have had to reinstate the comment verification again.

For the last 48 hours or so I have been bombarded with spam comments all ending in ....and for more information go to my blog at www.madeupname.con or congratulations I love what you have written but it could have been better if you did it like I do - check it out on my blog at www.upmyselfnbetterthanyou.net.

However, as a sort of compensation - when you do the word verification, don't bother with the number part - just ignore it and you will still be able to submit your comments.

Not much of a post, sorry, it has been a strange day at work. It was if all the good karma had been jumbled up and come back spiky. We seemed to be rattled yet not one of us could give a good reason why.  Even the weather was unsettled, the sky brooding and the hills felt cantankerous.

Here's hoping for a calmer day tomorrow.


  1. I keep getting those spam comments too....very annoying!!! :-(

    keep well


  2. Cantankerous hills are always a bitch, aren't they?

  3. This is not spam just Jak expressing concern about your spam bombing episodes. We should just stick to yarn bombing, more fun!! Now to try and prove I am who I say I am and not a robot! xx

  4. What a nuisance for you.
    Can we have some photos please of your cantankerous hills, we don't even have hills in Essex let alone cantankerous ones!

  5. I get those too but luckily it's not been much of a problem. Don't blame you for adding back the word verification.



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