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One swallow does not......

....mean a summer, but it certainly helps!

That and something else I've not seen in ages - shadows.

Yup - Shadows mean sunshine :)

 Giddy dog
Yeah- I know there is a layer of snow still on the ground - but LOOK! 
A ShAdoW!!!!

Himself, me, Eldest and Youngest striking a pose......

Firstly - thank you for your kind comments about the flowers, I still have a jugful of tulips and daffodils left over from the arranging.

Their sunshiny faces certainly help bring an air of spring into the house :)

Progress report on my knitting - slow and steady (mainly due to my lack of understanding the pattern which is written in Finnish or Swedish) but with help and hints from my knit and natter friends,  the back is nearly complete.

There have been another batch of piggies at work, just as cute as the last lot, only this time I'd not taken my camera in - that will teach me to leave at home.....grrrr.....

And finally - Grammy - the colourful patches on the lambs and ewes are sprays of paint put on by the farmers. 

When the ewe lambs, she is numbered and the lambs are given the same number. Some farmers are quite methodical and will number the entire flock as they lamb. Others will use the alphabet if there are only a few ewes......then there are some that just spray haphazardly a vaguely similar pattern on mum and baby.

Ok, that's enough waffle for now. My knitting, tea and little piece of chocolate are all calling to me and I had better go and see!

How was your Saturday?
Did you get out and about?
Have you seen swallows?
Have you seen shadows?

I certainly hope so! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxxxxxhawthorn


  1. Shadows! Thanks for reminding us what they are, I'd really forgotten all about them, since our winter has been sooo long and dreary!
    A pleasure to see some sunshine and happy things!

  2. Holding thumbs for the change in the weather to stay and improve. Lovely pictures again.

  3. Thank you for answering my question. Now I know a little bit more about sheep and lambs.:). Keeping my fingers crossed that you get lots and lots more sunshine soon. We are finally getting lots with temps in the 70 and 80 degrees F.


  4. Very nice family shadow selfie! Neat idea!


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