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Let there be light

Our loft conversion for Youngest kinda slowed down - circumstance, work, enthusiasm, the weather, life, whatever all got in the way and the progress shuddered to a halt.

But now with the first tentative hints of spring we have both felt a little more enthused to start again and what better way than to have a window put in!

We have been bowled over by the wonderful effect it has had on the house.

And on us!

Look at all that sky out there!!

Finally the 'building' is nearing an end and the 'decorating' can begin - that can't be bad :)


  1. Oh how glad I am to read this post. I saw the start of the window going in and am so pleased it has worked out so well. What a lovely view Youngest will have. If he goes off moving upstairs, can I be next on the list? I am house-trained.....

  2. Great progress by the look of it, it'll be wonderful now that the sun will be shining through!


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