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On my needles...

.......Himself's Skepp-o-hoj.......

..............and a Fat Shady - inspiration courtesy of Pickles

I know, I know - I haven't even completed the back of the Skepp-o-hoj but I needed some light relief and a fun shade for my bedroom lamp. I had seen the Pickles Fat Shady a while back and thought love love love, but never actually got round to it. 

Until now......

It has been a 'hard' day today, Himself has been labouring away in the attic re-wiring it and we have been spring cleaning the boys bedroom of doom. We are all shattered and traumatised however we have managed to beat back the mess monster (until next time that is...)

We have however managed to SeRIOusly declutter boxes of outgrown toys and clothing - woo hoo! 

What happened to our weekend?
One blink - and it was gone. 


  1. and now a lampshade......you do keep yourself busy!! Back to work for a rest?

  2. Over the last few years I have come to realise that de-cluttering is a permanent feature in my life!!! I must try harder as I always feel the need to de-clutter. Nice lampshade too!


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